Simon The ManKar – My First Foray Into The World Of Digital Publishing

Hello again World! I am happy to let you know that I just published my first eBook as an independent publisher on Amazon, Simon The ManKar, an amazing inspirational tale created by my friend Garry Leblanc.

First edition of Simon The ManKar, published in 2005 as a paperback on demand by PublisAmerica.

First edition of Simon The ManKar, published in 2005 as a paperback on demand by PublishAmerica.

This is the story of the ManKars, beings of light who decided to create a vehicle through which they might live new experiences on a planet in a faraway solar system – their new “Recreational Park”.

Over time, the ManKars have become so involved in their new theme park that they somehow forgot who they really were – until Simon meets a mysterious being who kindly offers his assistance in helping him rediscover his true self, so he may find the joy and peace of mind that have been eluding him.

This is a challenging and rewarding story, for Simon and reader alike – it questions our beliefs regarding sin, forgiveness, and the origin of guilt… The adventure is well worth it, as Simon discovers when he finally grasps what “free will” is really all about.

file:Users:Henri:Documents:Professional:Garry Leblanc:Simon the Mankar eBook:CoverGarry and I have updated and refreshed the content for this first digital edition, which is beautifully illustrated by Quebec artist Daniel Langlois.

The book is available on Amazon’s Kindle store for only $3.99 US, about $5 CA – simply click on the cover image to the left, which links directly to the book’s listing on Amazon’s Kindle store.

It can be read on any device using Amazon’s Kindle application, which you can download for free on Amazon if you don’t already use it – personally, it is my favorite digital book reading application, even on my iPad.

Once you have purchased and read the book, I invite you to post a review on Amazon – hopefully, your comments will be positive 🙂

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you enjoy your reading if you do purchase the book!

Henri T.

Update – February 19, 2015Le Peuple 18:02:2015

A Second Life For Simon The ManKar

In its February 18 edition, Le Peuple de Lotbinière, a regional weekly newspaper, published this nice review of Simon The ManKar‘s first digital edition. Click on picture to read the PDF file (sorry, it’s in French only).

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  1. Katjaat Wood says:

    Very good blog post. I definitely love this site. Keep it up!


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