Unveiling Secrets: Three Enlightening Documentaries

It is very difficult to make sense of current events if you rely solely on the pabulum that is fed to us by the mainstream media. Here are three recent film documentaries that have helped me make more sense of some of these recent events.

We Steal SecretsWe Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks

This independent documentary film, released in 2013, reveals how Julian Assange fired a global debate on secrecy when his web site, Wikileaks, published thousands of confidential documents. It goes beyond the scenes and the mainstream media blubber, covering a period of several decades, and it includes considerable background material.

I personally ignored most of the mainstream media coverage of Wikileaks when the story originally broke out, since I disregard pretty much everything the media have to say about this type of things. Watching this film on Netflix was the first time I sat down to find out more about this story, and I found it most enlightening. Click here to read more on Wikipedia.

Secrets Of The VaticanSecrets Of The Vatican

Frontline goes inside the Vatican to investigate the reasons behind Pope Benedict’s resignation, offering an inside look at the scandals that rocked the Catholic Church before and during his papacy, and insights on the new course Pope Francis wants to set for the Church.

Click on image to view documentary on PBS.

United Sates Of SecretsUnited States Of Secrets

Frontline investigates the secret history of the unprecedented surveillance program initiated by the U.S. Government in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, which continues to this day.

Also covering Edward Snowden’s June 2013 leaks, United States of Secrets: The Program (Part One) was named the winner of the 2015 Writers Guild Awards in the Documentary Script — Current Events category.

Click on image to view documentary on PBS.

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