Join National Day of Action Against Bill C-51


Elizabeth May was the first MP to stand up against Harper government’s so-called “anti-terror bill,” which does nothing to improve national security, and is likely unconstitutional.

Join Elizabeth and thousands of other Canadians this Saturday, March 14, for the National Day of Action To Stop The Secret Police Bill.

Rallies are being organized all across the country. Click here to find details on the nearest gathering.

This Saturday, stand with Elizabeth May in rejecting this dangerous, vague and invasive new legislation.

In case you missed it: Elizabeth’s Bill C-51 Town Hall

Elizabeth May

Click here to watch video on YouTube.

On March 4, Elizabeth May held a teach-in at the University of Victoria and discussed her opposition to Bill C-51. Terry Cormier, former director of the International Crime and Terrorism Division of Foreign Affairs Canada, and UVic Law Professor Donald Galloway also spoke about the bill.

Note: Post edited from an email message sent by Elizabeth May.

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