Forbidden Bookshelf: Publishing The Books “They” Don’t Want You To Read

The Lords of Creation

First published in the midst of the Great Depression and now republished by Forbidden Bookshelf, this acclaimed classic details the economic history of America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and exposes the capitalist giants who changed the world.

Forbidden Bookshelf brings “disappeared” books back to life so that readers may finally learn what the “powers that be” did not want anyone to know…

“As America does not ban books, other means—less obvious, and so less controversial—have been deployed to vaporize them.

For more than half a century, America’s vast literary culture has been disparately policed, and imperceptibly contained, by state and corporate entities well placed and perfectly equipped to wipe out wayward writings.

By looking deep into the darker trends and episodes in US history, these brave works help show how America became the land it is today, and how we might start to change it.”

– From Publishers website

Forbidden Bookshelf is an imprint of Open Road Media, and it is edited by Mark Crispin Miller, author of several books and professor of media, culture and communication at New York University.

For the moment, these books are exclusively republished in electronic format and are available through mainstream e-bookstores such as Amazons, Barnes & Nobles, Apples and more.

You can follow the Forbidden Bookshelf on Facebook.

In the following interview, journalist Abby Martin speaks with editor Mark Crispin Miller about five historical books that were suppressed and are now part of the Forbidden Bookshelf eBook collection.


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