China and Russia: An Alliance to Fight the “Hegemon”?

Vineyard of the Saker – A bird’s eye view of the Vineyard recently posted a compelling analysis of recent and possible developments in the evolving relationship between China and Russia.

Written by an apparently very knowledgeable author writing under the pseudonym of Larchmonter 445, the DOUBLE HELIX: CHINA-RUSSIA provides an in-depth analysis of these two powerful countries strategic alliance, written by somebody who looks at it from the Chinese perspective.

“Russia and China are working together to stabilize international trade, diplomacy and military balances,” Larchmonter writes. “Russia and China are sovereign nation resistance fighters against the Hegemon. The Hegemon is the unipolar Empire of the United States.”

Click here to read the Saker’s original post, which also contains Larchmonter 445s introduction to his article.

You can download the full document on Mediafire: I could have posted it here, but I want to encourage you to visit the Sakers blog, who is doing an incredible job of proving insightful information.

And for a further understanding of Russias and Vladimir Putins possible game-plan, you definitely will want to read Marin Katusas The Colder War – How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from Americas Grasp, just published in November 2014.

The Colder War

Click on cover to view on Amazon.

“If Putins plans are successful, not only will Russia be able to starve other countries of power, but the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) will replace the G7 in wealth and clout. The Colder War takes a hard look at what is to come in a new global energy market that is certain to cause unprecedented impact on the U.S. dollar and the American way of life.”

– From Amazon Description


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