On parle de “Santa’s Gift” dans la presse

L’hebdomadaire régional Le Peuple Lotbinière a mentionné le livre Santa’s Gift, écrit par Garry Leblanc, dans son édition du 8 avril. Il s’agit du deuxième livre que je publie à titre d’éditeur indépendant en format Kindle pour Amazon.

Cliquez ici pour voir la description du livre sur Amazon.

(English translation below.)

Le Peuple - Santa's Gift

Henri Thibodeau publishes Santa’s Gift – An Inspirational Tale

Henri Thibodeau, editor and translator based in Sainte-Croixwho recently published Simon The ManKar in Amazon’s Kindle format, strikes again with the publication of another tale by Garry Leblanc, Santa’s Gift – An Inspirational Tale. This story is in the same spirit as the previous book. It follows Thomas on an adventure where he will discover Santa’s true gift, which will change his life. The short book is available in English, but is expected to be published shortly in French. (V.B.)

(Click here to view book description on Amazon.)

Find out more about author Garry Leblanc by visiting his website, RD-YES – It’s time to be children again.

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