Sunday Musings On The World Parade


The world parade is moving inexorably forward, and 90% of the people don’t even know or care there is a parade going on – they are too busy worrying about paying the bills and keeping a roof over their head, if not watching reality shows, getting excited over the next Superbowl, reading their Facebook chatter, or running after every day low prices at their local Wall-Mart.

Then there are the 9% or so that know about the parade – some of them go down to the parade to protest against it, but even their protests are eventually all part of the big show.

Floats are the main attractions of the parade, which such themes as “War on Terror”, “Global Warming”, “Recession”, “Elections” and such, with media clowns chanting to announce each new float.

The so-called 1% are those who are comfortably sitting in the floats, seemingly having a great time and waving their hands at their enthralled public.

But who organized the parade, which is inexorably moving forward to its final destination? They are an infinitesimal few, the hidden hand that has been moving the parade and everyone else who are not even aware of it towards their global agenda, a so-called New World Order…


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