Announcement – Revamped “Web Community” Page

With this, my 50th post (yeah!), I am extremely happy to let you know that I have completely revamped my old “External Links” page.

Now more appropriately named “Web Community”, it provides information and links for those websites which I visit regularly for information, insights and inspiration. You may find them worth investigating if you are interested in exploring the subjects covered on this blog.

You will also note that I have added additional news-feeds from some of these websites, such as Alex Jones’ and Greg Hunter’s

Document6Please visit this refreshed page and let me know what you think – your “likes” and comments encourage me to continue, and I reply in kind whenever appropriate!

Henri Thibodeau
Independent Writer, Translator, and Publisher

Update, June 1, 2015

Due to an evident lack of interest, I have deleted “My Web Community” page. I invite you instead to consult and make use of the News Feeds I am providing. – HT

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