United States: Setting the Stage for Martial Law?

I was talking to a friend about recent events in the United States, the most recent being the Baltimore riots that erupted over the weekend following another “death by law enforcement”.[*] While talking to my friend, I somehow connected the dots in view of what David Icke calls the “Problem/Reaction/Solution” agenda of the powers that be (PTB). I concluded (with others, apparently, such as Alex Jones[*]) that all these events seem to be setting the stage towards the introduction of martial law in the United States, or at the very least seem to be aimed at acclimating the public to the idea. (I suggest you read this previous post, What’s Going On – Is War Coming to America?, for a brief resume of some recent events.)

In another recent post about the South Carolina shooting of Walter Scott, I mentioned that this event fell in line nicely with an agenda of creating a “new normal” state of fear where the American populace should expect to be arbitrarily apprehended and event shot to death by law enforcement agents. I believe police forces across the United States (and even in Canada, as was seen in a recent demonstration in Quebec City where a young protestor was shot in the face with tear gas) have deliberately been led to adopt a mind-frame where they will make excessive use of force. This in turn has led to very predictable reactions from the public, who have been descending into the streets ever more frequently and violently, as we have seen last summer in Ferguson, Missouri, and now in Baltimore.

  • So, here you have the first stage: creating a problem, police brutality and excessive use of force, which leads to civil unrest by a disgruntled populace.
  • The second stage of the agenda is the appearance of the desired reaction: The powers that be know full well that if such unrest keeps up, the public will eventually demand that order be restored.
  • Which leads to the third stage, the actualization of the solution which was desired in the first place: martial law.

You think this is fart fetched? Why are the US Marines and National Guard being trained for riot control – and why is this advertised? Why is the US military preparing to conduct operations (Jade Helm 15) where they will train to operate stealthily among the civilian population, and across several Sates? And why is this also widely advertised?

Don’t forget that the public has already been widely conditioned to scenes of chaos, destruction, civil disorder and social breakdown in countless movies over the last few years. Meanwhile, the authorities have used such events as the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and last winter’s snow storm scares across the North East to get their agencies and the public used to massive emergency shutdowns – all fitting nicely in the “new normal” agenda.

During the manhunt orchestrated in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, authorities asked residents of Watertown and surrounding areas, including Boston proper, to stay indoors. The public transportation system and most businesses and public institutions were shut down, “creating a deserted urban environment of historic size and duration” (from Wikipedia) – and the population obediently complied.

Last winter, allegedly in preparation of a monster snow storm that never came, in another bizarre “blame it on the weather” scenario, several States were placed in a state of emergency, and the City of New York was all but shut down. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio even ordered all vehicles off the streets by 11 pm on January 26, and declared that, with the exception of emergency and government vehicles, anyone driving in New York City after that “curfew” would be fined. The purported blizzard of record-breaking proportions never materialized, but it was still a nice exercise in emergency preparedness…

Incidentally, I just came across this bizarre public service announcement (PSA) allegedly put out by lobby group AARP and broadcast on national television and radio stations – it contains a barely audible subliminal message about martial law being declared in America after some kind of outbreak or nationwide riots. If this does not fit nicely with the scenario I have been describing, then I rest my case.

Update, May 1, 2015
Ad Council Responds to Bizarre PSA Featuring “Martial Law” Announcement
Paul Joseph Watson reports today on Infowars.com that the Ad Council has responded to concerns about this bizarre PSA it created in partnership with AARP, which features a news broadcast reporting the announcement of martial law following nationwide riots. The good news is that the Ad Council addressed the issue “after numerous people contacted [it] on Twitter asking for an explanation,” which is encouraging since it means some people are paying attention. Click here to view original post.

[*] I wonder when they will start putting this on death certificates : Cause of death –Law enforcement…

[*] Race Riots Will be Used To Bring In Martial Law – Watch on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.

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4 Responses to United States: Setting the Stage for Martial Law?

  1. It all seems so surreal… I wish I were wrong, but unfortunately I don’t believe I am.


  2. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    oh, yeah, I forgot about those “weather-related” scenarios where there were shut-downs and everything too. You aren’t stretching things at all here. It’s all about the normalization of the heavy police/military presence. Conditioning the public to accept it, even call for it. Yesterday when I was watching the live coverage of Baltimore on CNN, I could almost see that very narrative unfolding before my eyes. The CVS pharmacy was burning, cop cars on fire, etc., and yet for the most part it very much seemed like the riot cops were being held BACK, and then the news reporter was there interviewing some city official asking “Why is it taking so long to deploy the officers?” and so on. It quickly became all about how the people who live in those neighborhoods were crying out for the authorities to come in and stop the destruction… And that’s really the whole point. Like you said, they must engineer and foster more “chaos” so that people cry out for them to restore “order”…

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