The 5 Catalysts That Will Trigger an Economic Collapse

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Les 5 événements qui risquent de déclencher un effondrement économique
Plusieurs membres de la communauté du renseignements aux États-Unis préviennent qu’un effondrement économique catastrophique est inévitable, un effondrement qui pourrait bien déclencher une dépression économique qui s’étendra sur 25 ans. Ces initiés doivent savoir de quoi ils parlent, puisque cet effondrement économique semble avoir été prévu de longue date par les pouvoirs en place, et la crise de 2008 était selon toute probabilité une phase de préparation à l’imminent effondrement complet.

Many in the U.S. Intelligence Community warn that a severe economic collapse is unavoidable, one that may well ignite a 25-year Economic Depression. These Insiders should know, because this economic collapse seems to have been long planned by the powers that be, and the 2008 Crisis was in all probability just the setting stage for the impending complete collapse.

In the following video, Money Morning presents excerpts from an interview with Jim Rickards where he briefly describes the 5 catalysts that will probably serve to trigger the economic collapse:

  1. Foreign Ownership of [U.S.] Government Debt
  2. The Fall of the Petrodollar
  3. Global Gold Re-balancing
  4. Collapse of China
  5. The IMF’s Plan to Replace the Dollar

Rickards is in a position to know since he serves as a financial and economic adviser for both the Pentagon and CIA. Jim Rickards is also the author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money, two very important books if you want to understand what has been happening and is about to happen on the financial and economic fronts.

You can view the full interview and complementary segments on Or click here to read the full transcript of the interview with Jim Rickards, conducted by Steve Meyers.

Senate“The collapse hasn’t happened yet, but the forces are building up and it’s just about to snap.”
― Jim Rickards

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