2015, The War Games Summer…

The truth is stranger than fiction published yesterday a comprehensive overview of a number of military exercises set to take place in Europe and America over the coming months. In this short video, NextNewsNetwork provides a brief description of three of these exercises that will involve thousands of NATO servicemen in Estonia, Lithuania, and Norway. China and Russia are also conducting joint exercises in the Mediterranean, while the United States are preparing for Operation Jade Helm 15.

In Canada: Maple Resolve


News to me: located in Kingston, Ontario, the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre (CADTC) has for mission to plan and manage the intellectual development and training of the Canadian Army. That includes all personnel deployed as part of the Canadian Army under a Task Force or Joint Task Force. Civil-Military Cooperation training is just one of the types of training provided by the CADTC.

Meanwhile, the Canadian army is conducting its largest “high readiness” exercise of the year under code name Maple Resolve. According to an official news release, approximately 6,750 military personnel from the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the United States and the United Kingdom are taking part in the largest Canadian Army exercise of the year at the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre at Wainwright, Alberta, until May 23.

“This year’s training is the largest and most complex Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE to date,” says the news release. “This exercise sets the stage for Canadian Army soldiers to sharpen their skills in a realistic, complex and challenging operating environment. The training audience will practice their responses to conventional and other threats in a joint, integrated, whole-of-government and multinational environment. Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE tests and validates the readiness of participating units to deploy to anywhere in the world.”

Once again, as in the US, we notice the use of “anywhere in the world” – as far as I know, Canada and the US are part of the world… “Whole-of-government” is also another expression used in conjunction with Operation Jade Helm 15.

Finland Sends Letters To Reservists

Meanwhile, according to Radio Free Europe, the Finnish military has begun sending letters to some 900,000 reservists amid increased tensions between the Nordic states and Russia over the Ukraine crisis. Russia and Finland share a 1,340-kilometer land border. The letters reportedly informed reservists about what their role would be in a “crisis situation.”

United States: Pentagon Raises Threat Level At US Military Bases

Getty Images

Getty Images

Finally, The Hill reports that the Pentagon announced on Friday, May 8, that it had raised protection levels for military bases around the country. According to The Hill, Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said that the decision was taken in response to an overall “heightened threat environment,” which included a recent shooting in Texas thought by some to have been connected to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) — which claimed responsibility for the attack — at an event where contestants drew the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

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