I, Pet Goat II – Highly Symbolic Short Animation Film

I, Pet Goat III, Pet Goat II is a short Canadian animation film written, directed, produced and edited in 2012 by Louis Lefebvre through Heliofant, his independent computer animation studio located in the Laurentians, just north of Montreal.

The film is characterized by a strong use of cryptic symbolism and conspiracy allusions. It is also a highly symbolic commentary on American society and politics, particularly the agendas of presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama (into whom Bush morphs after a series of demonic contortions), with allusions to Biblical theology interspersed with Egyptian imagery in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The title (which invokes different meanings, such as I am [just] a pet goat too…) is a reference to The Pet Goat (often erroneously referred to as “My Pet Goat”), the book children at Emma Booker School in Sarasota, Florida, were reading to President Bush as the September 11 attacks were unfolding, a reading that ended with the ominous words “more to come”…

■Henri Thibodeau, with content from Facebook page.

Erratum, May 13, 2015

Immortel_(ad_vitam)_movie_posterWhen I originally published this post yesterday, I mentioned that I, Pet Goat II integrates footage from Enki Bilal’s 2004 film Immortal, which was loosely based on his graphic novel La Foire aux immortels, published in 1980 as the first installment of his Nikopol Trilogy. This is incorrect – the original film, which is the one you can view below in HD directly from Heliofant, does not integrate this footage. This was from an independently edited version posted on YouTube by sun shiryaevsun and falsely claiming to be the “full original version”. My apologies for the confusion.


Secrets of I, Pet Goat II Revealed with Director Louis Lefebvre

In this interview with Alex Jones (Infowars.com), director Louis Lefebvre discusses the contents and symbolism of his short animation film.

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2 Responses to I, Pet Goat II – Highly Symbolic Short Animation Film

  1. Yes, it is worth watching a few times – and the interview with Lefebvre is really worth watching too, he his a very kind and enlightened soul.


  2. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    So many layers of symbolism in that thing, it’s pretty amazing….


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