Vehicle-Mounted “Active Denial System” (V-MADS – you have to love the acronym)

This video was uploaded on YouTube on September 20, 2009, by Jaglavak Military – notice that this is now almost 6 years ago…

The so-called “Active Denial System” (ADS) (denial of what exactly? Freedom? Incapacitating would be more accurate) is described by the military as a non-lethal (what does not kill you makes you stronger?), directed-energy weapon. This literally mad device conceived by some really twisted “scientific” minds is also described as “a strong millimeter-wave transmitter”, and it is now part of the electronic warfare arsenal. However, it is primarily designed to be used – you guessed it – for crowd control (they call it the “goodbye effect…” – you’ll see what they mean when you watch the video). ADS systems could also be designed to disable vehicles.

According to a comment posted by SciGuy, this device produces a beam with a wavelength of 95 GHz. “This radiation is known as millimeter waves or extremely high frequency (EHF) waves, which is a form of radiation that is between microwaves [and] infrared (technical term is terahertz radiation). This is still non-ionizing radiation, it does not break molecular bonds or DNA [this is good news]. The biological effects caused by these waves are known to cause burns,” concludes SciGuy, but it may also cause cancer other sources say. Comments in brackets are mine.

Informally, the weapon is also called “pain ray”. Raytheon (these nice people again) is currently marketing a reduced-range version of this technology. It is said that the ADS was being considered for deployment in the Iraq War, but someone from the military correct me if I am wrong: this seems like a very unwieldy and exposed system to deploy on an actual battlefield – much more suited for civilian crowd control, as mentioned earlier – but never in the US, of course, just “anywhere in the world”…

Henri Thibodeau

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2 Responses to Vehicle-Mounted “Active Denial System” (V-MADS – you have to love the acronym)

  1. Yacon Root says:

    Fantastic Website. Very much enjoyed reading.


  2. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    Reblogged this on thetruthisstrangerthanfiction and commented:
    Seeing this post made me go, “Didn’t we see that actually being deployed in Baltimore in humvees..?” Sure enough:


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