When nature smiles and helps me forget all my worries…


I am daily grateful to live in a small town by the St. Lawrence River where nature keeps smiling at me and helps me forget all my worries… Yesterday morning, as I sat down for my morning reading, I could see through my window flocks of Canada Geese flying Northward towards their summer home.

NellieIn the afternoon, I went for a stroll in the woods with Nellie, my four-legged soul-mate. As we approached a pond, I noticed a Canada Geese floating with its head spread out on the water. That particular bird has been hanging around for a while now. As Nellie was grazing on the new spring grass, and I observed more flocks of Canada Geese flying towards the river, I was wondering if that geese was actually hurt or simply sleeping… and then it raised its head and assuaged by fears.

A turtledove has been visiting my yard over the last few days, as they usually do in the spring, but it was alone – and these lovely birds usually come in pairs and are very faithful to each other. goldfinchThis morning, the both of them were there at last, huddled on the ground below my bird feeder, and it filled my hearth with wonder and thankfulness that they would choose my home as their own… And nature keeps on giving, as a few minutes later two beautiful goldfinch also came to feed.

■Henri Thibodeau

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