David Vs. Monsanto: Alex Jones Interviews Percy Schmeiser

Infowars‘ Alex Jones talks with original organic-advocate about history of biotech

Percy SchmeiserIn the following interview published on Infowars.com this Thursday, May 14, 2015, Alex Jones talks with Percy Schmeiser about how Monsanto’s evil empire is being beaten.

A farmer from Bruno, Saskatchewan, Schmeiser is a trail-blazing anti-GMO/Monsanto activist who has taken Monsanto to court on multiple occasions. He has become an international symbol and spokesperson for independent farmers’ rights and the regulation of transgenic crops during his protracted legal battle against Monsanto. In 2009, he was the subject of Bertram Verhaag’s documentary David Versus Monsanto.

Henri Thibodeau

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Freelance writer and translator based in Quebec, Canada.
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