Have you ever heard of the “Bohemian Grove”?

If you have never heard of the Bohemian Grove, it’s probably because this is the way it is meant to be. And if I had to describe it in a few worlds, I would call it a summer retreat for the members of other malevolent organizations such as the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg Group.

Wikipedia describes Bohemian Grove as a 2,700-acre “campground” located in Monte Rio, California, about 80 miles North of San Francisco. The Grove belongs to a private San Francisco-based “men’s art club” (men-only membership) known as the Bohemian Club, which was formed way back in 1872. The tradition of a summer encampment was established six years later.

The highly secretive club’s motto is “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”, and its mascot is an owl, apparently symbolizing knowledge. The club has also adopted a patron saint, John of Nepomuk.

In mid-July of each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a two-week, three-weekend encampment for some of the most powerful men in the world. Only active members of the Club (known as “Bohos” or “Grovers”) and their guests may visit the Grove. These guests have been known to include politicians and notable figures from the United States and other countries. The Grove is particularly famous for a Manhattan Project planning meeting that took place there in September 1942, which subsequently led to the creation of the atomic bomb.


Harvey Hancock standing and speaking to a group of Bohemian Club members at the Owl’s Nest camp of the Bohemian Grove over breakfast on July 23, 1967. In attendance: Preston Hotchkis, Ronald W. Reagan, Richard M. Nixon, Glenn Seaborg, Jack Sparks, (unidentified individual), (unidentified individual), and Edwin Pauley. Photo courtesy of Edward W. Carter. Source: Wikipedia, from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories Image Library.

1907_Cremation_of_CareAttendants perform certain rituals such as the Cremation of Care, “an exorcising of the Demon to ensure the success of the ensuing two weeks.” This ceremony takes place in front of the Owl Shrine, a 40-foot (12 m) hollow owl statue.

With its combination of secrecy, wealth and power, Bohemian Grove has often been a target for protest. The Bohemian Grove Action Network has organized protests and aided journalists who wished to penetrate the secrecy surrounding the encampment. Over the years, some individuals have been able to infiltrate the grounds and publish videos and accounts of the activities taking place at Bohemian Grove. Do a quick search on YouTube and you will find several of these.

I am posting below a 1981 news report about Bohemian Grove that was uploaded to YouTube by jaketom3, back on December 15, 2006. Younger generations may not remember several of the key figures mentioned in this report – it is a Who’s Who of some the most powerful people of the period, some of whom are still haunting our world, such as Henry Kissinger.

Henri Thibodeau, with content from Wikipedia and YouTube

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