Dire warnings as Denmark moves closer to cashless economy

Yesterday, I posted an interview with Mexican retail mogul Hugo Salinas-Price, where he says that “It certainly isn’t getting better when you have some intellectuals going so crazy as to say they want to ban cash. We can’t go too much further along this road. This is utter madness. We’re not supposed to use cash anymore?”

In the United States, the State of Louisiana has already banned cash transactions on junk and second hand goods, through House Bill 195 adopted back in August 2011. And now it looks like Denmark may very well become the very first country to try the experiment of a cashless economy, an essential element of the global agenda of the Powers that be. Denmark is not part of the Euro system and still uses its own currency, the Kroner.

Here is a commercial from Danske Bank, the largest bank in Denmark, promoting their already widely used Mobile Pay system, where everybody looks so happy and carefree without all these archaic and cumbersome coins and banknotes…

“Behind the curtain, this is really a measure to secure taxes and protect the banks from complete collapse preventing bank runs,” warns Martin Armstrong on ArmstrongEconomics.com. “We stand on the verge of Economic Totalitarianism that will lead to the total control of money by the state,” Armstrong continues. “No one will be able to buy or sell without government approval.”

These words echo those of Ron Paul, who says that “The biggest fear that we have is just [a] more authoritarian approach…” In his May 16 Liberty Report, which I am posting below, Ron Paul talks with Daniel McAdams about the implications of a cashless society, insisting that “there is an attack on cash right now – this is ongoing, it’s not new.” The cashless society’s “rapid recent progress threatens us all,” Ron Paul warns, adding that “this represents an attack on liberty… the use of cash is economic free speech.”

I suggest you also listen to the following May 19, 2015, broadcast posted on the Financial Survival Network under the title “When cash is outlawed, the Banksters have won.” Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discuss the larger implications of a cashless economy, saying that “once cash is outlawed, the government will be in complete control of your financial decisions, or so they think. When they want you to spend more, they turn up the pressure to spend, and when inflation starts heating up, they’ll turn it down. However, man is very ingenious and will come up with a way to beat the bankster, guaranteed! Whether it’s with gold and silver or with gift cards, the law of unintended consequences will prevail!”

Denmark moves closer to a cashless society

Denmark has moved one step closer to becoming the world’s first cashless society, as the government proposes scrapping the obligation for retailers to accept cash as payment.

The Danish government has said that as of next year, business such as clothing retailers, restaurants and petrol stations should no longer be legally bound to accept cash payments.

The proposal is part of a package of economic growth measures, which are being released ahead of this year’s Danish election. It aims to reduce costs and increase productivity for Danish businesses.

Finansrådet, a Danish finance industry lobbying group, says the change would free retailers from the cost of security, and the burden of managing change and notes.

Read full article on THE INDEPENDENTS’s website.


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