From the horse’s mouth: Jade Helm no training for Afghanistan and Iraq


Jade Helm logo. According to an ARSOF document, “Human Domain” refers to the totality of the physical, cultural and social environments that influence human behavior in a population-centric conflict. — Source: 2014 Green Book: ARSOF 2022: The future of Army SOF.

You may have already seen this video of a briefing given earlier this spring for local officials in Big Spring, Texas, as to the purpose and scope of Operation Jade Helm 15.

This briefing comes directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, as it was given by Tom Meade, a retired Senior non-commissioned officer from the U.S. Army Special Forces. Meade, who is working as a contractor for the US Army Special Operations Command (SOC), acts as an operations planner and exercise designer for the Jade Helm “project”.

With help from a post recently published by Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show, Jade Helm Official Reveals True Purposes of JH-15, I am providing below a partial transcript of key elements of the briefing. (I have revised and expanded some of Dave Hodges’ transcripts, which were not always accurate…)

If you haven’t done so, I also strongly encourage you to read this previous post where I provide an overview of the controversy and concerns surrounding Operation Jade Helm 15.

Jade-Helm-Martial-Law-WW3-Prep-Document-1 (dragged)

Pages you see on-screen during the presentation are from this document – click on cover to view PDF file.

1:10  We are seeking written invitation and approval from local officials to conduct a realistic military training exercise within the jurisdiction of the city of Big Spring…

1:20 Through the process we are required, hum, to receive or to ask for a letter of invitation from local officials inviting us into your community, to allow us to train our soldiers for the next fight that they could encounter…

This reminds me of these horror movies where vampires have to be invited in before they suck your blood. Apparently, local authorities have to issue an invitation for Jade Helm exercises to be conducted in their jurisdictions, but these invitations seem to have been issued without public knowledge, consultation, or consent.

One may also ponder what Meade means when he says “the next fight that they could encounter” that would resemble the domestic U.S. settings where the exercises will be taking place, especially since he immediately says this:

1:38  We are not training for Afghanistan and Iraq… We are looking forward, and we want to make sure that these guys are trained properly.

This is clear enough: not for Afghanistan, not for Iraq…

1:50 We coordinate with all the local, State and Federal law enforcement… so everybody from a law enforcement aspect understands what the exercise is…

This clearly contradicts various comments from law enforcement officers who have spoken anonymously though various channels since that briefing, saying they have been kept in the dark regarding many aspects of Jade Helm.

2:20  The land use agreement that we do with the local public… We don’t just come in to somebody’s property and we won’t trespass on somebody’s property without the agreement of that land owner… it releases liability from the landowner…

This is essentially a “Hold Harmless Agreement”, where the landowner agrees to hold the U.S. Army non-responsible for damages or other liabilities arising out of the exercises.

2:45  We do a full risk assessment and medical plan… we have already linked-in with the hospital… we also have medical personnel that will be on site to assist should anything happen.

Dave Hodges remarks, “It is clear that in this drill, citizens are at risk for injury and death. What could the military be doing that is so dangerous, in a drill, that they need to have medical personnel on hand and on alert?”

3:00 What is Jade Helm? Jade Helm is a challenging 8-week exercise…

Simple enough…

3:20 The exercise is a joint military and inter-agency activity… what this means is we have units from every military service participating in the exercise with us…

In its March 25, 2015, press release announcing the exercises, the SOC did admit that “the size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart” from previous training exercises.

3:35 And we also have of our inter-agency partners participating such as the FBI, the DEA, and so many other agencies, assisting us and working with us in the exercise.

As Dave Hodges asks, “Why the Drug Enforcement Administration? The DEA tracks Mexican drug cartels. Judicial Watch has linked the drug cartels to ISIS in base camps just on the other side of the border.” Hodges mentions that a few weeks ago, a Texas Ranger told him under cover of anonymity that closed Wall-Marts were being converted into supply centers for the military, “The military that we will use to fight against ISIS incursions into Texas”, his contact stated.

3:47  The operation is going to be throughout seven states. Texas is the main bulk of the activity.

According to Hodges, this is an outright lie: “We have photographic, video and live eyewitness evidence that demonstrate that Jade Helm is in every state and is already underway.”

4:00 It is a Special Operations Command General Votel sponsored exercise to improve special operations forces ability to conduct unconventional warfare as part of the national security.

Joseph Leonard Votel III (born February 14, 1958) is a four-star general currently serving as the 10th commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command.

According to Wikipedia (a source always to be taken with a grain of salt), the general objective of unconventional warfare is to instill a belief that peace and security are not possible without compromise or concession. Specific objectives include inducement of war-weariness, curtailment of civilian standards of living and civil liberties associated with greater security demands, economic hardship linked to the costs of war; hopelessness to defend against assaults, terror, depression, and disintegration of morale….

4:45  Navy Seals will be conducting operations over in Mississippi and Louisiana…

These two States are definitely not on the official Jade Helm list of seven States…

4:50 The Air Force Special Operations Command will be flying specialty aircraft for us,  for infiltration and resupply of the operators on the ground…

Are drones specialty aircraft? What about black helicopters?

5:06 The 82nd Airborne Division will jump an entire battalion into Camp Bullis and take down targets inside Camp Bullis, on a Federal installation.

Hodges’ Analysis: “Also noteworthy is the revelation that the 82nd Airborne, a conventional force, is going to be parachuted into a simulated war zone at Camp Bullis and practice taking out selected targets. The clear implication here is that the 82nd is going to be taking out armed dissidents or rogue military units who would oppose a martial law takeover.”

6:20 We require areas of undeveloped land with low population densities… a very rural area for us to be able to operate in… In Afghanistan and Iraq they receive aerial resupply by helicopter… they have connectivity to the Internet to be able to talk to their command but also to be able to talk to home. When they come out here to Martin and Howard County, they are not going to have those luxuries. In the scenario that we have built, they are going to have to operate outside of these normal support mechanisms and rely on the folks… the civilians that are in the area to be able to support them…

Hodges’ Analysis: “My sources tell me that the mere severing of communications, through satellites, is enough to abort a Special Forces mission. ARSOF, or Green Berets, or Navy Seals do not need satellites to communicate. They have several alternative modes that can be used including the building of communications in an impromptu fashion. Therefore, the need to practice for Special Operations to be without communications speaks to a total ‘grid down’ scenario. I have a hard time believing that localized EMP weapons would be used because of the catastrophic collateral damage done to the infrastructure. This is a surprising and shocking development, but my sources say the intent, in this instance is clear. An EMP will wipe out all communications.”

7:22 We can’t do the exercise without the public’s help. Things that we look for from that perspective is, we look for people that are willing to be a role player… Someone who goes and give a little nugget of information…

8:43 Ordinary citizens are the first ones to notice something that’s different… it causes them to have to be that much more careful…

Get the local population to provide information and collaboration, which is similar to what the German Gestapo did in occupied Europe during WWII…

7:43 We look for people that are willing to transport our guys because they have to move around in a clandestine manner… for example, in the back of a horse trailer in the middle of the night so nobody can see them… these are ways that they have to operate in foreign countries when they are not supposed to be in those countries…

8:05 We also look for landowners and business owners who would be willing to allow us to, on a landowner perspective, to be able to use their, maybe live on their land, or to use a barn to be able to conduct a meeting in the middle of the night…

Hodges notes, “Clearly, the drill also calls for the commandeering of assets similar to what we see called for in Executive Order 13603.”

12:25  A county commissioner asked Meade how the DEA and the FBI are a part of the drill. Meade stammered for several seconds but eventually responded that “in Arizona, they will actually do some questioning for us at one of the airports.”

For Hodges, this means that the DEA and the FBI will assist in the apprehension of “Red List” (Google this to find out more) fugitives at airports.

13:30  A private citizen, Kimberly York, strongly criticized her County Commissioners for sneaking the invitation to Jade Helm without first consulting with their constituents: “What the press is putting out is really different than what we are seeing here today… the press is telling us ‘Oh, you are not going to hear about it, you’re not going to see it, you know it is just not going to affect your lives.’ Well, what we are hearing here is that it might affect our lives. As citizens of this county we should have a voice in whether that invitation is issued… I have some real concerns, there are safety issues for civilians. Why are we looking at safety issues if there is nothing to see here… I am a military brat, I do support the military, I feel that there is other ways to do training than inflict it on the citizens of this county.”

This segment clearly indicates that the aforementioned “invitations” were offered without public knowledge or consent.

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On March 27, under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Special Operations forces practiced political dissident extraction drills in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


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