Stunning and Unusual Cloud Formations

Our skies have been full of surprises of late, but this was so stunning I had to stop and take some pictures as I was driving to the barn early yesterday afternoon (June 27).

These very unusual cloud formations filled the entire sky from the South-East to the North-West, with the central formation (picture 4) about due South. The other cloud strands were all originating from this central formation, spreading towards the North-East.

These snapshots were taken with my iPhone about 50 km South-West of Quebec City (46°37’56 “N ― 71°47’18 “W), along the South shore of the St. Lawrence River which you can see in pictures 6 and 7.

Over the course of the afternoon, these all merged together and the sky turned into a hazy gray. If anyone is familiar with this type of cloud formation, please leave a comment. And no, these did not appear to be chem-trails ― I spotted one later in the day as the clouds were consolidating.

Henri Thibodeau

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