Horses Give Inmates a Second Chance…

This National Geographic video literately brought tears to my heart. “How much use and abuse does it take to stamp out a horse’s natural kindness?”, I was asking a friend just the other night, remarking that they are like angels, always willing to shine the light of love into our lives if we just give them half a chance and open our hearts to their true nature: unconditional love…

Seeing this in action in this short video where inmates share how horses have helped them reconnect with their long-forgotten human kindness is simply amazing. Similar programs exist in Canada, for instance where horses help Army veterans cope with post traumatic stress disorder:

Henri Thibodeau

These Horses Give Inmates a Second Chance | National Geographic, June 22, 2015

Some inmates in the Maryland state prison system are hoping to make their lives after prison better by working with retired racehorses. The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation has found homes for the horses at correctional facilities where inmates are trained as grooms. The prisoners benefit from learning new skills as well as the compassion and patience it takes to work with the horses. Studies have shown that programs like these help decrease the likelihood that an inmate will return to prison.

Click on picture to view the video


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