Wake-Up Call: Time Is Running Out – Part 2

perfect_stormI decided to do a quick follow-up on the article I posted yesterday about President of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes’ recent speech. The following are headlines I collected over the last month or so, most of which you probably haven’t seen in the mainstream media; they give ample evidence that Rhodes is not crying out wolf and that a “perfect storm” is indeed poised to hit the fan any time now.

― He who has ears to hear, let him hear…

Incidentally, in a new instance of synchronicity as I was completing this compilation, I received a link to the following video about “the five most powerful families that secretly control the world”. It offers a glimpse of some of the powers that be who may have been secretly manipulating events to bring about the coming “perfect storm” in order to achieve their hidden agenda for the world ― thank you Erwin for forwarding this!

Henri Thibodeau

Video Published on YouTube February 14, 2015

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