Out Of Left Field: Planet X (a.k.a Nibiru) About To Make A Pass At Us?


Bob Fletcher, self-described businessman, investigator, film producer, radio personality, author, federal witness, whistle-blower, and patriot.

In this article I re-blogged last night, The Coming Days of Planet X, Tom Chatham gives a crisp overview of a riveting interview Dave Hodges, of The Common Sense Show, conducted with Bob Fletcher on Sunday, August 16, regarding Planet X – a subject I have known about for some years and had relegated to the “I’m not so sure about this” and “More shall be revealed” categories.

This compelling interview really came out of left field for me – Fletcher’s assertions disturbingly make sense in the face of current events and recent developments, which he recaps in this interview in the context of a return of Planet X.

Planet X, a.k.a Nibiru


Soviet-born American author Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) believed that Nibiru was home to an ancient race of extraterrestrials (the Anunnaki) who visited Earth during previous encounters with the mysterious planet.

If you have never heard of Planet X, a.k.a Nibiru, it is an hypothetical planet which, according to authors such as Zecharia Sitchin, revolves around our sun in an elongated, elliptical orbit that takes it way beyond Pluto and back in a cycle of hundreds, if not thousands of years. Some investigators believe the planet may only be detected using infrared equipment, making it very difficult to detect.

Incidentally, I recently learned that the Vatican Observatory  is operating an infrared telescope at an observatory located at Mount Graham, in Arizona. Why would  the Vatican be specifically interested in infrared astronomical research? And why  would its newest telescope be dubbed LUCIFER, of all names (don’t believe me, check this out)? Furthermore, why did Pope Francis recently declare that he would be willing to baptize aliens if they came to the Vatican – we are definitely not in Kansas anymore…

Incoming: Nibiru!

Father José G. Funes

Father José G. Funes, a Jesuit, current Director of the Vatican Observatory.

Bob Fletcher has been investigating the mysterious planet for some time now, and he recently published his findings in a 4-hour DVD set entitled “Incoming, Nibiru”.

You can listen to Fletcher’s interview on The Common Sense Show, under the title “Will Humanity Survive This Extinction Level Event?” If you are short on time, go directly to the second hour, where Fletcher presents the gist of his case.

You can click here to visit Bob Fletcher’s website.

I also highly recommend this article, The Nibiru/Planet X System and Its Potential Impacts on Our Solar System — A Scientific Case for Nibiru/Planet X System, published on September 6, 20015, by Global Research.

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