Signs Of The Times? Ominous Cloud, Black Helicopters, Running Out Of Ammo

Ominous Cloud

Strange Coincidence: This weekend, as I was driving to the barn, I saw a cloud coming from the South-West that eerily looked like a nuclear explosion mushroom cloud. I could not stop and take a picture, but it left me with a very uncomfortable feeling. And then last night, Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show published the following picture and accompanying comments:

Mushroom Cloud from Nuclear Testing

This is a very close facsimile to what I recently saw in the sky. Was this a sign of things to come?

“Last night as my family was returning from dining out near the beginning of twilight, I saw a gigantic cloud stretching endlessly upward and spreading out. It looked just like a mushroom cloud, the kind you would see following a nuclear explosion. Was this an ominous sign, or was this simply a case of personal projection of where my mind is presently at? I may never really know the answer for certain, however, this moment in time is reflective of where I believe the world is at in the present moment..”
― Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show

Black Helicopters

FA2008-0802 30 January 2008 Texas, United States A CH-146 Griffon Helicopter from 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron, during tactical training for Afghanistan. CF Photo FA2008-0802 30 Janvier 2008 Texas, États-Unis Un Griffon CH-146 hélicoptère du 408e Escadron tactique d’hélicoptères, pendant l’entraînement tactique pour l’Afghanistan. Photo FC

CH-146 Griffon Helicopter. CF Photo.

I have been reading about black helicopters sightings in the US, but I did not except to see them appear in our skies in my neck of the woods here in Central Quebec. I have sighted one on Friday, probably a Griffon as pictured, and another one yesterday, Sunday August 23; someone told me they also sighted them on Saturday. Very unusual in our parts, and we’re are bout 50 miles as birds fly from the closest CFB at Valcartier.

Running Out Of Ammo

Over the weekend, I went shopping for some .22 caliber ammunition and I was shocked to be confronted by empty shelves at our local Canadian Tire. The attendant told me that Canadian retailers are having problems resupplying, especially for small caliber such as the .22, because of high demand from the US Army which gobbles up American ammunition manufacturers’ production – and the Canadian market is just a side-market for them.

I then went to a nearby sporting goods store, called Latullipe, which had ample supply, but the attendant there told me that this was only because they were lucky to have recently procured a fresh batch. According to this gentleman, the shortages in Canada are not due to US Army orders, but to American citizens stockpiling ammo in prevision of new restrictive regulations.

Both explanations may be right. In any event, that’s a lot of unusual things over just three days – and that’s not even counting the unusual high altitude jet formations I have seen over the weekend.

Henri Thibodeau


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2 Responses to Signs Of The Times? Ominous Cloud, Black Helicopters, Running Out Of Ammo

  1. Wow, you actually saw that cloud yourself? (or one just like it?) That thing is crazy looking, no way it’s a naturally formed thing…


    • Pretty much like it, except it was somewhat flatter. The synchronicity of Dave Hodges’ article really struck me. And what if I told you I had a dream just a couple of nights before of seeing multiple nuclear mushrooms like this over the horizon – I had forgotten about that dream, just remembered it.

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