Gold and Silver Supply Growing Increasingly Tight

gold-maple-leafI received an email today from Canadian bullion dealer Silver Gold Bull confirming that gold and silver supplies are growing increasingly tight, as already confirmed by others such as Mike Maloney of (see this previous post: Silver Shortage: It Is Real).

Silver Gold Bull also state that they don’t expect current supply conditions to clear up until the first quarter of 2016 “at the earliest”.

Precious metals spot prices have remained depressed over the summer even though supplies have been tightening, and dealers have been raising their premiums over spot.

Update, September 28

silver-eagle-2015I received an email from confirming that 2015 American Silver Eagles have become “quite hard to come by right now”.

“That’s because many of the US Mint’s authorized purchasers have sold through their entire inventory for the year already”, the email says. “Same with dealers across the world. Many are selling well into December delivery, which some are speculating will have to wait for next year.”

The email also mentioned that had a supply of 25,000 ounces available as of September 28.

Henri Thibodeau

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