John Denver’s plea against censorship


John Denver (1943-1997) photographed in 1973 | Wikimedia Commons.

Thirty years ago, in September 1985, American singer-songwriter, actor, activist and humanitarian John Denver testified before the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee on the topic of censorship, during a Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) hearing.

The PMRC, headed by Tipper Gore and other “Washington wives”, had put together Senate hearings with the intent of introducing some form of legislation regarding music lyrics.

The Senate committee heard testimony on the objectionable content of some rock music lyrics. Opponents of these lyrics wanted legislation requiring labels on rock music products. John Denver called it censorship, and he made a poignant appeal against it.

Thanks to Jean (Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth) for re-posting this amazing testimony. Video uploaded to YouTube on June 21, 2010, by guyjohn59’s channel.

Henri Thibodeau

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