Impending financial collapse & reset: “Everything will stop” – Bill Holter

Aside from all the chatter and rumors regarding such things as a coming World War III, the imposition of martial law in the U.S., the repercussions of the Shemitah or next Monday’s September 28 Blood Moon, the Pope being poised to announce one world religion or government, a pole shift due to the passage of a large asteroid or the mysterious Planet X, there is one thing that I am convinced we will definitely not be able to avoid, and that is a global financial collapse followed by an eventual “reset”.

Bill HolterThis has been amply documented by various financial experts, particularly over the last few months. I believe the writing is on the wall, and the following fresh interview with financial writer Bill Holter, by Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog, pretty much sums it all up for us.

Holter insists, “There is no policy at this point that can repair where we are at this point as far as debt ratios, derivative outstanding and the money supply exploding. Nothing that they do now can fix it. The only thing that remains is a reset.”

“A reset is going to be a shutdown of the [entire] system. Everything will stop,” Holter warns. “Big stores get stocked up every single night. . . . The average store only has food for about two or three days. So, this is not going to just be an issue about you paying your bills. It’s going to break down so badly it is going to be an issue about whether or not you can get food.”

BS DetectorI encourage you to listen carefully to what Bill Holter has to say – and watch Greg Hunter’s reactions! Then use your B.S. Detector and decide for yourself if this is a warning worth heeded or not.

Personally, I believe it is foolish to ignore these particular warnings about the state of our economic and financial system, which is why I took time out in a busy day to publish this interview.

In any event, as Greg Hunter always says, “Fear not, but prepare yourself, physically, mentally, and above all else, spiritually.”

Henri Thibodeau

About Henri Thibodeau

Freelance writer and translator based in Quebec, Canada.
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