Chem-trails in a cloudy sky


Notice the soft rainbow colors near the base of the V. Click on picture to enlarge.

Heavy chem-trail seeding over my area this afternoon, Sunday, October 4, 2015. As usual, the planes came mostly from the North/North-East, from the direction of the Canadian Air Force base at Bagotville, Quebec, going South/South-West.

There was also some back and forth activity today, and the high altitude planes frequently crossed paths, forming V and X patterns such as the one displayed above and in the photo gallery below.

This activity took place in an already cloudy sky, and the trails were persistent and consistently expanding even though we had some windy conditions today here in Central Quebec.

Especially interesting was the rainbow-like colors forming of the base of the triangle in the picture above.

All very different from last weekend’s activity.

I took these pictures with my small Canon PowerShot A1400.

Henri Thibodeau


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