Soft brown eyes and other Sunday musings

IMG_6622The sun is shining, the clouds are moving out. Signs of things to come? So many clouds have been gathering over us, blocking the light of the spirit. What is to come?

Fear has dissipated like these clouds, and an eerie calmness has fallen over me. Trusting in powers unseen? Worry is gone, a strange thing for a worrier as me. Simple sights like a bird chirping in one of my beautiful trees sooth my soul, and the gentle purring of my cat, or the soft brown eyes of the beautiful mare who brings light into my life…

What is to come? At times I still worry, but strangely my fears fall away as sand slipping through my fingers… Nothing can extinguish the light, even though it may remain hidden at times. So much calm, so much love permeate everything I lay my eyes upon.

My trees seem content today, now that the wind has abated. They know. The bell tower shortly breaks the silence, marking time. But what is time? A fleeting attempt at measuring the eternity of now. Why worry? Am I not forever OK now? “I will fight forever no more” echoes in my mind. The world is on the brink, and I fear not.

Henri Thibodeau

Photo Credit | Nellie (Registered as Nifty Diamond Doll), by Thomas W. Finn

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