My two cents: checkmate in Syria for the American Hegemon

putin and obamaTwo Cents 1866_2Amidst all the events and non-events, seen and unseen, of September 2015, the most significant turned out to be the unforeseen Russian military intervention against the Islamic State in Syria on the last day of the month.

For all intents and purposes, Russia has put in check the Obama administration’s efforts to destabilize Syria and oust Bashar al-Assad. This time, it is Russia that has drawn a “red line”. Will the psychopaths still running the show in Washington dare cross it? Will their masters in Riyadh push them over the line?

After Iraq and Libya, these madmen were hopeful Assad’s regime would easily be toppled by the Islamic State, the new incarnation of the incessantly reborn Phoenix the US created with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan more than three decades ago.

obama20jokerIn a single day, Washington’s efforts to further destabilize and rearrange the Middle East’s economic and political landscape have come to a screeching halt. How the psychopaths in Washington react still remains to be seen. For now, it does appear they have been taken aback by Vladimir Putin’s bold move, and thankfully they haven’t flipped yet.

It also remains to be seen how Israel will react to Iran joining the fray against the US-backed Islamic State, as its ground troops come unnervingly close to Israel’s borders.

One thing is certain: Russia has drawn its line in the stand and moved in to defend it. Putin will not let Assad fall, at least not to the hands of the Islamic State. Russia has too much at stake military (naval base at Tartus), economically (natural gas) and geopolitically.

Another wild card in this mess is NATO’s and the European Union’s reaction, collectively or through individual member states, while they struggle with the “refugee” invasion that has been sent their way. Some softening towards Russia has already become apparent. Not to mention the fact that Europe’s own financial house of cards is more fragile than ever, poised to tumble at any moment following a Grexit, the failure of major bank such as the Deutsche Bank, or any number of other factors.

pope francis

The Roman Sphinx

Many believe the stage is set for World War III to ignite in the Middle East, but for all intents and purposes the war started after 9/11 when the U.S. declared its international “War on Terror”, which some interpret as a war on “Terra” (Latin name for the Earth).

Enigmatic Pope Francis has himself recently declared that the spate of conflicts around the globe today were effectively a “piecemeal” Third World War. Very little is missing for this war to devolve into full-scale and widespread conflagration that will hurt close to home those nations that still feel isolated from it.

Obama Newsweek

Obama as Shiva The Destroyer – Ominous

The psychopaths in Washington may very well be holding jittery fingers over the nuclear button now that Russia has moved onto “their” turf. Hopefully, they will be held back, otherwise Russia and/or China may find they have no other choice than to act preemptively, directly or through a proxy such as North Korea.

By the way, North Korea appears to have been developing small nuclear weapons with a high yield of gamma rays, only one of which would be sufficient to launch an EMP attack that would cripple all of North America’s electric and electronic infrastructure.

Thankfully, Vladimir Putin appears more circumspect than the psychopaths in Washington. Since Crimea, his moves have been cautious and well thought up to produce maximum effect while using minimal brute force. Still, he is ex-KGB and keeps his cards lose to his chest, so who can tell what he is really up to?

We’ll see how all this develops as the world financial system continues its slow-motion up and down free-fall. In any event, we have indeed fallen under the old Chinese curse and are living in interesting times…

Henri Thibodeau

In this interview with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains how the current belief in Washington that the U.S. can win a nuclear war makes it likely.

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