Most Powerful Hour of Radio In 2015: Overcoming Evil, with Dr. Ted Broer


Dr-Ted-Broer_400x400Last night (October 25), Dave Hodges was interviewing Dr. Ted Broer ( on The Common Sense Show. In the first hour, they were discussing the dangers of certain pharmaceuticals, as well as the secret space program, about which Dave made some astonishing revelations over the course of the previous week.

This was an insightful interview in its own right – however, in the second hour, Dave’s scheduled guest could not be reached, so he continued on with Ted. “Let him talk”, a listener even insisted in a message. And as Dave writes, it was as if “the Lord flipped the switch – Ted was on fire as he instructed the listening audience on how to overcome evil and save one’s soul”.

“It very well could be the most important radio interview in the history of The Common Sense Show“, Dave insists, and I tend to concur. This was of the most inspiring interviews I have heard of late – you could really sense that Ted was in direct contact with what you may want to call the “Holy Spirit”.

Listen to hour two interview with Dr. Ted Broer

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