Bizarre weekend off the coast of Southern California – what are “they” up to now?


This has been a very bizarre weekend over in Southern California. Here is a short recap of the events as they have been transpiring since last Friday:

  • On Friday, November 6, we learned from the lame-stream media that commercial flights at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) would be diverted for a week due to previously unannounced secret military “operations” over the Pacific coast.
  • Saturday night, November 7, the social media were set ablaze with reports from numerous residents of California of mysterious lights in the sky. Local authorities in Orange County, located in Southern California, quickly hinted that the lights were part of a “Naval rocket test”.
  • On Sunday, November 8, the lame-stream media picked up the story, reporting that the U.S. Navy had confirmed that the strange lights seen over California, visible as far away as Nevada and Arizona, were the result of a test missile launch from a submarine off the coast of Southern California.
  • On Monday, November 9, the Navy launched a second and allegedly final test missile, an unarmed Trident II, from a submarine off the coast of Southern California. “The blast-off took place to far less fanfare than Saturday night’s launch”, the Los Angeles Times reported.

These events have generated a host of commentaries in the alternative media. On Monday, Dave Hodges of the Commons Sense Show published an article where he speculated about the possible real explanations behind this weekend’s mysterious and perplexing events, which “are bizarre, very bizarre”, as he notes.

Digging deeper into this story, Dave wrote “I am left wondering, was this missile launch about World War III preparations, or the coming civil war?” Is Dave off his rocker? According to him, the U.S. Navy has been in a constant state of readiness since 2009 (see map below), keeping most of its vessels at sea in expectation of some unforeseen (to us mere sheeple) event. “The Navy has been preparing to be attacked”, Dave insists.

Incidentally, the Los Angeles Times also reported that Saturday’s test launch came after Defense Secretary Ashton Carter addressed a defense forum at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library about the United States “adapting our operational posture and contingency plans” to deter Russian “aggression.”

I sincerely hope Dave Hodges is mistaken, but maybe we should follow his advice and keep our eyes to the West –  things may indeed be about to become “very interesting”, as he notes.

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack| Updated November 11


Map published by the U.S. Navy showing exercise and deployment areas off the coasts of the United States.

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2 Responses to Bizarre weekend off the coast of Southern California – what are “they” up to now?

  1. Emilie says:

    Ce n’est plutôt suite aux attaques du 11 septembre 2008 que les États Unis restent sur un pied de guerre? Et encore plus depuis la montée de l’Islamisme radical et la recrudescence des attaques terroristes?


    • Voulez-vous dire les attentats du 11 sept. 2001? Ils ne sont pas reliés à ces développements. Dans ce cas-ci, il s’agit essentiellement de la marine américaine, dans le contexte des tensions grandissantes entre les États-Unis et la Chine ainsi que la Russie.


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