Close to 60,000 have already signed petition urging Canadian government to suspend arrival of 25,000 migrants

stopWithin about 48 hours, close to 60,000 people have signed a petition urging the Canadian government to suspend the arrival of 25,000 migrants from the Middle-East in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Put online this Saturday, November 14 on by Raynald Cloutier, a resident of Quebec City, the petition has also garnered over 5000 comments, and it has quickly been making noise in the mainstream media, as you can see by searching the keywords “petition Quebec refugees” on a search engine like Google.

The text of the petition is simple and clear: “We urge the Canadian government to suspend the arrival of 25,000 immigrants from Syria. Simply for reasons of national security.

Mr. Cloutier’s petition has so far been circulating mainly in Quebec, but it has already provoked strong reactions of support as well as opposition (for instance from the Liberal government in Quebec). Meanwhile, new petitions have appeared on sites like and to support the arrival of  so-called “Syrian” migrants in Canada.

In fact, the said Syrian refugees come from several Middle-Eastern and North African countries, including Afghanistan and Libya. In addition, the majority are not families, but young men traveling on their own, as widely reported in the alternative media.

In the US, the FBI has already expressed concerns about the State Department’s plan to resettle thousands of refugees from the Middle East to the United States. Assistant FBI Director Michael Steinbach, said earlier this year that migrants from the Middle East should be subject to a thorough screening process before being admitted to the United States. FBI warnings fell on deaf ears, and refugees have already begun to arrive in New Orleans.

We can only hope things will be different in Canada. Refugees from the Middle East should have been handled by the United Nations’ Refugee Agency, which has remained strangely absent from this whole issue. They should be handled by the UNHCR in the Middle East itself, instead of being “exported” to Western countries. Once settled in Canada, refugees will become de facto landed immigrants, and the chances they eventually return to their countries of origin are minimal.

I actually have a suggestion for those who insist that Canada should unquestionably welcome Middle-Eastern migrants: why not commit to receive them in you own home and to take care of them for a period of 5 years? After all, isn’t this what you are asking of the rest of the Canadian population?

Click here to sign Mr. Cloutier’s petition if, like me and him, you think we should be more cautious before opening our borders.

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack

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4 Responses to Close to 60,000 have already signed petition urging Canadian government to suspend arrival of 25,000 migrants

  1. jamieklassen says:

    absolutely unbelievable. I am absolutely flabbergasted at this irresponsible act by the PM.
    Islam is a supremacist religious political system. It is militaristic, It is misogynistic, supremacist, fascist, and ugly.
    It is by NO MEANS a peaceful religion.
    It is anything but.
    It is becoming clearer and clearer that the Muslim aim is to conquer the world with their political-religious sharia law.
    From a Christian perspective, Islam is in fact the one world religion where the one world ruler will most likely reside from the new caliphate that was initially removed in 1929.
    Again, from a Christian perspective, it is Islam that is the Islamic anti-Christ system.
    From a secular perspective, Islam is a very militaristic and hateful religion that subjects women’s rights over to a Muslim man’s preference.
    Another example, illustrating how Islam is incompatible with Western values is honor killings.
    Nor is it a Western ideal or practice to force women to cover their faces while in public.
    As Islam is a supremacist system, a Western country’s constitution is below Sharia Law.
    Islam is totally incompatible with Western Society.
    From my perspective, Islam is a serious concern for the sanitation department here in the West.


  2. Miss J says:

    I agree he needs to resign or be impeached, this mass induction is insane and unfair. There is too many already and not enough room or money to sponsor all that he wants to induct. The citizens are concerned and angry because they had no say in this. Nor did they want to be overpopulated with ungrateful foreigners.


  3. A Jensen says:

    Stop accepting so many refugees into the country.


  4. C raman says:

    No Muslim should be allowed as they are not refugees, but come here to convert Canada into an Islamic country. They are a mob and eventually seize the “vote bank”. The naive Canadians know nothing about the evilness of Muslims. If one has true sympathy, bring the non-Muslims, whoever are still alive there. Because they are not coming here to spread their belief system, they will be grateful and may even return to their homeland once secure. The Muslims should be accommodated in their brotherhood Muslim countries that match their religion, fight to regain their country, invite the non-Muslims back, and live in peace and harmony with them. This exodus is the tip of the (evil pan-Islamization) iceberg. Did anybody notice that they have not mentioned anything about the evil acts of ISIS against non-Muslims (as they in fact welcome such barbaric evilness against non-Muslims); has any one of them given any details about what evilness was done to them by ISIS? (They make such an uproar when a Muslim lady was treated rudely when she went to school to pick up her children, crying foul about racism and what not.) They do not accuse those Muslims, but accuse other countries of not being humane. Liars, and they are in fact encouraged to lie to spread that evil cult. When they are few here, the political parties get cowed down (for the “vote bank”); imagine what would happen if another 25,000 (maybe several millions if Canada does not discern this evilness) more come here in the future. They are going to conquer the whole of Europe in no time under the veil of “don’t you have compassion and kindness for us the suffering refugees?” Ask any Christian or other non-Muslims, who are the real victims, these Muslim demands (not appeal) are nothing but lies.

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