How vulnerable is the US Navy as Russia is being provoked into declaring war?

BozoAs our BOSO (“benevolent” occult Satanist overlords) seem intent on pushing Vladimir Putin to declare war on the US/NATO/Saudi/Israeli complex, disturbing reports keep emerging indicating that the US military, and especially the US Navy, are concurrently being set up for disaster in the eventual conflict that would ensue against Russia and, quite possibly, China.

Last May, in an article entitled Electronic Warfare: What frightened the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea?, I documented an April 2014 incident in which this US warship was disabled in the Black Sea after an apparently electronic warfare attack from a Russian Su-24 tactical bomber, an incident that, according to some media reports, “completely demoralized its crew”.


SNA Saphir | Photo Sébastien Richard, Marine Nationale

I have now come across reports of a 30-year old French submarine being able to take out a US aircraft carrier and most of its surface escorts during an exercise recently conducted off the coast of Florida. The incident was reported on a French navy website (LV Quentin Savary — Marine nationale) but was quickly deleted, apparently to avoid embarrassing the US Navy. reports that during this exercise, the French nuclear submarine Saphir penetrated a US Navy carrier group and fictitiously “sank” the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt as well as several of its surface escorts (Ticonderoga-class cruisers and Arleigh Burke-class destroyers). also reports that this is not the first time a foreign submarine “sinks” a US Navy carrier during an exercise. In 2004, the US Navy leased a Swedish Navy submarine, the Gotland, for one year of dissimilar training, “and got more than it bargained for.” In fact, as reported by the Foxtrot Alpha blog, the Gotland virtually “sunk” many US nuclear fast attack subs, destroyers, frigates, cruisers and even made it into the “red zone” beyond the last ring of anti-submarine defenses within a carrier strike group.

The Chinese threat

Meanwhile, amidst increasing tensions between China and the US in the South China Sea, also indicates that the US Navy is further threatened by the emergence of Chinese “carrier-killer” missiles, as well as more powerful anti-ship missiles, such as the Indian-Russian supersonic BrahMos missile.


Hefei, Chinese Navy’s 3rd Type 052D destroyer, commissioned on Dec. 12 in Sanya, S. China

Furthermore, Dave Hodges reports that “the Chinese seem very anxious to put on display the latest in their weapons technology.” The Chinese Navy recently commissioned the third of their Type 052D Kunming-class destroyer, which could be compared to the American AEGIS destroyers. The ship is armed with surface-to-surface cruise missiles, air defense missiles, 130mm cannon, and possesses some very cutting-edge technology (e.g. Stealth low radar signature and advanced phased array radar antennae), Dave reports, adding that the Chinese are already working on the next generation Type 055 destroyer.

These developments and others have led Dave Hodges to declare that “The Chinese are preparing to annihilate the US Navy in several ‘Pearl Harbor’ style attacks”. Let’s pray Dave is off his rocker on this one. Time will tell, and more shall be revealed; remember:

“Nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest…”

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack

More relevant articles I came across moments after I posted this:

Russian mobile air defense system

Russian mobile air defense system

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