In these perilous times, we must strive to think God’s thoughts after Him

BozoAs our “benevolent” occult Satanist overlords (BOSO) are hard at work implementing their dark designs for the World, I was once again gently reminded in my daily reflection that God is ultimately in charge. As Greg Hunter keeps repeating, “Fear not, but prepare yourself mentally, physically, and ABOVE ALL spiritually – Fear not, God is in charge.”

God bless.

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack

24 Hours a DayThis vast universe around us, including this wonderful Earth on which we live, was once perhaps only a thought in the mind of God. The nearer the astronomers and the physicists get to the ultimate composition of all things, the nearer the universe approaches a mathematical formula, which is thought. The universe may be the thought of the Great Thinker. We must try to think God’s thoughts after Him. We must try to get guidance from the Divine Mind as to what His intention is for the world and what part we can have in carrying out that intention.

I pray that I may not worry over the limitations of my human mind. I pray that I may live as though my mind was a reflection of the Divine Mind.

– Twenty-four hours a day | December 18 | Hazelden Foundation

About Henri Thibodeau

Freelance writer and translator based in Quebec, Canada.
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