Pepsi’s “Black Knight Decoded” – More mind games from our BOSOs?


In November (2015), Pepsi released a short movie entitled Black Knight Decoded which was not described as a promotional video, but rather cryptically dubbed a “global short film”. Including footage shot from space with the UrtheCast camera on the International Space Station, the film “imagines a rich fictional narrative around what some people believe is a very real entity, the Black Knight satellite…”


Alleged picture of Black Knight from the Black Night Decoded Website shown in Pepsi’s production (

I only recently became aware of the theories surrounding the Black Knight, an alleged artifact of alien origin which is said to have been orbiting the Earth for about 13,000 years, as stated in the opening segment of the Pepsi production. The film also repeats the claim that Nikola Tesla first detected radio signals emanating from the satellite back in 1899. You can read Wikipedia‘s usual debunking of such stories for more background information.

Why bring this controversial topic into mainstream consciousness?

What I found very intriguing about the whole Pepsi production is that such a mainstay of our corporate structure would even tackle such a subject, using its reach and clout to bring it into mainstream consciousnesses. This is a very professional production; using the latest film production techniques, it had to have benefited from a lavish budget. The satellite’s communication is narrated by Usher (I leave it to you to ponder what’s in a name…), who also contributed a music track adequately uplifting for the film’s underlying message of peace & love from our space brothers/masters…

You can view below Pepsi’s Black Knight Decoded short feature film. Let me point out that it reeks with occult symbolism, so pay close attention. I am including below some of the cryptic elements I have noticed so far. I am also including two short videos from Dahboo7, where he points out some of the film’s intriguing elements.

BozoMy inclination is to take this as one more mind game played on us by those I refer to as our “Benevolent” Occult Satanist Overlords (BOSOs) who are handling the ropes behind their curtain of deceit.

More shall be revealed, I expect.

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack Updated December 28, 2015

Curious Synchronicity…

The Pepsi production has been linked by some to an upcoming “Alien Deception”, and as I was working on this post Lisa Haven was preparing an interview with her father where they discuss exactly this. For instance, Lisa quotes Dr. David Allen Lewis and Robert Shrekhise, from their book entitled UFO: End-Time Delusion:

“An offer by visitors from an advanced civilization on another planet for assistance to a perishing human race confronted with war, crime, violence, pollution, global warming, genocide, and a host of other ills that man’s rebellion have produced will seem irresistible. That the mainstream scientific community is taking the UFO question seriously, as evidenced by the heavy-funded, government-sponsored SETI programs, demonstrates that we must look at the subject in a very serious light.

Here are some of the intriguing elements I noticed, with the approximate time-stamp from the movie:

3:25 Notice that the satellite has the form of a Reptilian head, which is especially intriguing if you are aware of theories regarding Reptilian aliens or entities, such as David Icke’s;

3:26 Look for, which is an actual website – it says “covers”, which is ambiguous – it could mean “covers up”;

3:27 This frame is ripe with messages, for instance the words NEW and SOL (announcing a new sun?); Mething (a message about drugs?); and the peace dove prevalent throughout the movie;

3:29 At the top of the building, the message FIND YOUR CAREER adds: AND YOUR CALLING;

3:46 The satellite now looks like a serpent’s head; who is the serpent in the Bible?;

4:01 Look at the “V” in the sky – remember the TV series? Also notice that the contraption is set up within a red circle on the ground, such as those incantation circles used by witches to summon evil spirits;

4:15 Now this is intriguing: while the whole movie is very upbeat and seems intent on telling us that the arrival of the ETs will bring peace & love to the Earth, Ahna mumbles an almost inaudible doubt: “Let’s just trust it’s for the better…”;

5:30 On the left-hand side, it looks as if the planet if dead; on the right-hand side of the satellite, the planet is still well lit and alive;

5:53 Notice the Russian doll, symbolizing a message within a message;

6:03 Another peace dove, this time with a representation of the goddess Isis? Her round hat contains several subdivisions which could merit further analysis;

6:04 The elephants supporting a flat Earth come from Hindu mysticism; I wonder if the oval building looking like an egg on the left does not refer to some other ancient mythology about the primordial egg;

6:09 A Peace & Love sign inside a Pacman head; and CERN, represented by a Ferris Wheel;

6:11 The Ferris Wheel morphs into a Stargate;

6:15-6:18 Notice the lights behind the guy’s left shoulder – the camera moves and reveals a red light behind his right shoulder – does this represent the coming of Nibiru, the red planet?

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1 Response to Pepsi’s “Black Knight Decoded” – More mind games from our BOSOs?

  1. Just a few thoughts from a chemist in the industrial world:

    On my first viewing, I too noticed the “V” in the sky. A subtle homage to the series “V” not noted by the characters in the film, though clearly placed there in an almost subliminal message to the viewer by the cinematographers. I hadn’t noticed the other hidden messages identified by you, though I will go back and take a further look.

    What perplexes me most, though, is if in fact this film was produced by Pepsi Co, Inc., then what is in it for the soda company to do so? At no point do they appear to be promoting the product(s) they manufacture and sell to the public directly. It certainly has a high budget in its production, with recognizable actors in play. So why would a major corporation take such an unmitigated risk of endangering their label with such an obscure topic? Don’t get me wrong, I have been privately researching the UFO phenomena for much of my life of 49 years just out of curiosity. And long ago concluded that we were not alone, never had been, and have been visited throughout our species evolution. But that being said, I also know the stigma that such beliefs hold, and completely respect the views of any and all disbelievers. Furthermore, though well versed in the topic, I also note the peculiar stares drawn by lengthy discussions regarding UFO’s with the lay-man. Most folks may secretly harbor beliefs in aliens, perhaps even longings to meet such. Yet when drawn into any serious discussion, they will then readily poo-poo the possibility; perhaps from life-long conditioning by the media, religious beliefs, or fear of the incredulity of the subject matter. Acknowledging that fact makes it all the more implausible that a major manufacturer would dare risk the potential backlash from its primary consumer, the public in general. Still Pepsi’s logo is clearly emblazoned on the YouTube’s posting. Was that a copyright infringement by a third party pretending to be Pepsi? Forgive my skepticism, but I suspect possible “faker-y” in this.

    Further to that, I find it odd that a company such as Pepsi should possess more unique knowledge about the purported mysterious satellite, than say any company like General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, or Northrup Grumman (IE: companies in the aerospace industry). Even Microsoft, or IBM would make more sense than a soft-drink manufacturer. Could this possibly be a consortium of big players in the high tech industries partnering with a more publicly identifiable household friendly brand to produce a message of contact to the public in general? I wonder. And for what purpose(s)? Seems almost sinister in agenda, as you notably suggest in your blog. I for one do not feel all that comfortable with big business taking the reigns on a subject matter that the world’s governments have spent so long in denying and covering up the truths about.

    Or was this a very clever way of imparting their product logo into an otherwise totally unrelated subject matter, akin to product placement in a typical Hollywood production? Frankly, I do not see any upside for it on the part of Pepsi. And a tremendous potential for backlash should public sentiment go the wrong way. They risk coming off as a bunch of kooks looking to capitalize upon the esoteric. As of this writing, it is now January 4th of 2016. No major disclosures have been made world wide. No media frenzy to either confirm or deny the claims and allegations made in the video have come about. In fact, outside of YouTube, and the various blogs on the internet, no public discourse whatsoever. If Pepsi (and again I say that with some skepticism) was hoping for a big payoff, that result just does not seemed to be evident. I wonder exactly how much “they” spent on this peculiar campaign, and how much more that they are willing to risk. Did it completely back fire, or is there more to come?

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