2015 in Review and New Year Message – Henri’s Web Space

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for Henri’s Web Space.

Here’s an excerpt:


The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it. Click here to see the complete report.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who visited Henri’s Web Space in 2015. Thanks to WordPress, I was able to reach you in 119 countries all over the globe! Thank you for your time, for your comments, and for sharing and relaying my posts through your networks.

2015 has been a very busy and chaotic year, pregnant with ominous portents on all fronts for the new year. I have now published close to 235 posts (see complete list on my Archives page) exploring how we got to where we are today, and where we might be collectively headed.

As I have written several times, it appears we have collectively fallen under the old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times”, and 2016 promises to be no different. More is constantly being revealed, echoing the words of Jesus, “Nothing is secret that will not be revealed…”

Document6I hope you will continue accompanying me in my journey as I try to make sense of these revelations and of what is happening to our world. After all, it is our collective journey, for better and for worst.

May God bless you and those who are close to your heart as we continue moving forward into an undiscovered country – our future.

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack

Meditation for this last day of the year

24 Hours a DayAs we look back over the year just gone, it has been a good year to the extent that we have put good thoughts, good words, and good deeds into it. None of what we have thought, said, or done need be wasted. Both the good and the bad experiences can be profited by. In a sense, the past is not entirely gone. The result of it, for good or evil, is with us at the present moment. We can only learn by experience and none of our experience is completely wasted. We can humbly thank God for the good things of the year that has gone.

Prayer for the day

I pray that I may carry good things into the year ahead. I pray that I may carry on with faith, with prayer, and with hope.

– Twenty-Four Hours a Day | December 31 | Hazelden Foundation

My heartfelt thanks and prayers go to the Watchmen and women who keep an eye out for us on our collective horizon

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