“The Planet X flyby is going to completely fracture their control systems” – Marshall Masters

BozoInterviewed last week on the Caravan to Midnight, Marshall Masters told John B. Wells that “the Planet X flyby is going to completely fracture their control systems”. Marshal was referring to those who are pulling the strings from the shadows behind their curtain of deceit, often referred to as the “Elite”, the “Cabal”, etc., those I prefer referring to as our BOSOs (“Benevolent” Occult Satanist Overlords).

Marshall told John B. that “it was back about 2005 that I came to the realization of what the real purpose of all this [our BOSOs’ plans] is, which is to depopulate the planet, get us down to small, manageable numbers… I was just so depressed, realizing that…”

Marshall Masters
marshall-mastersMarshall Masters is a former CNN Science Features news producer, freelance writer, and television analyst. He is the publisher of YOWUSA.com. Since 1999, he has been researching Earth changes and Nibiru/Planet X flyby-related topics, including: sustainable survival communities, catastrophic crop circles, impact events and future technologies. Like many others, Marshall sees a dark cloud coming. What makes him different is that he also sees a silver lining – a noble and inspiring Star Trek future when humanity emerges “on the other side” of the red planet’s flyby.

Faith is walking with Creator

What helped Marshall Masters overcome this deep feeling of despondency was the realization that his life had been like “a long dark tunnel with many twists and turns… but when you walk with Creator, what happens is Creator lights a candle in the darkness. You walk to that candle. And then, you wait. And sure enough, Creator will light another candle, and you walk to that candle. And so on and so on, you walk from candle to candle. It’s faith.”

Marshall insisted that what is going to make the difference as we collectively move forward in these turbulent and uncertain times “is walking humbly with your God. That’s what is going the make the difference.”

Survival will be based on the love of Creator

Marshall also said that “survival communities that can endure and last are going to be based in faith, they are going to be based on the love of Creator… Bottom line is, I don’t care how much you stockpile, it’s not going to last, and at some point you’re going to have to be self-reliant. So, instead of this mentality of ‘I’m going to have full preparedness for the full duration of  whatever’ – no: all you’re doing is creating a buffer. That’s it. All you’re creating is a buffer, so you [can] get to creating better renewable solutions. It’s pulling together with people, and having faith in Creator, believing in our own nobility, in our inventiveness, in our initiative, in our ability to have insight into things, and change.”

CTM-Logo-midCaravan to Midnight is a paid subscription talk radio channel (only $5 US a month…), so you have to be a subscribed “Caravaner” to listen to John B. Wells’ interview with Marshall Masters. However, some episodes are published for free on John B. Wells’ YouTube channel.

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack Henri’s Web Space | Updated May 8, 2016

New interview with Marshall Masters on The Leak Project, April 22, 2016

leakprojectExcellent interview with Marshall Masters, discussing essential background information and recent developments regarding the Planet X/Nibiru “flyby”, last year’s blood moons frenzy, the agenda of the global elite, 2012 and the Maya calendar, and much more. Are we getting close to a major reset in human history? Mr Masters breaks it down in this enlightening 2-hour discussion.

planeta_rojoMore on Henri’s Web Space

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