Manifesto of the Awakened now a petition on Avaaz – Let your voice be heard!


zen_gardnerYesterday, I published the French translation of an amazingly inspiring and empowering article written by Zen Gardner, entitled Manifesto of the Awakened, where he addresses “the few whom this concerns” in regards with “the deliberate subjugation of our people and planet”.

Inspired by a reader in France, I posted my translation of the Manifesto as a petition on I also contacted Zen Gardner, who was enthused by the idea, and he has now given me permission to launch an English version of the petition.

Including the full text of the Manifesto, the petition is addressed “To the occult powers that rule our world”, and it puts them on notice to “Cease destroying our planet and its inhabitants”.

BozoLet our BOSOs (our “BenevolentOccult Satanist Overlords…) know that we are aware of their dark designs and that we will not tolerate them anymore – let them know that we are awake and awakening.

Click here to sign and share the petition!

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack

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  1. The Manifesto can now be signed as a petition on Avaaz in three languages:



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