Batten down the hatches – the perfect storm could hit as soon as March and April


Warnings of the coming perfect storm of global financial collapse have been coming from all corners over the last few weeks. Recently interviewed on the Caravan to Midnight, Clif High told John B. Wells that, like others, he also foresees a very rough four-year period ahead of us, and that things could in fact very well start unraveling as soon as March and April – not next year or the year after, these coming months of March and April.

These people are deluded to the point where they think this stuff will actually work. – Clif High

“Even the people behind the scenes that are attempting to make all this work are operating under premises that are not functional in reality – and reality is going to come and slap them in the face, it’s doing it now,” High said. What follows are some verbatim excerpts from this fascinating interview.

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Clif HighClif High is a co-creator, along with Geroge Ure, of the Web Bot Project, a series of software applications that search and scan the Internet, somewhat like spiders do for Internet search engines. The software then captures this data from the Internet and stores it in a database used to forecast future trends and events. You can follow his work on his website, Half Past Human, as well as on the Web Bot Forum.

My projection is that in March and April, before March, we’re going to see huge moves in silver and gold, and then from March and April onward, we’re going to see silver, gold and Bitcoin lead all other things on the planet – and I say “things” because gold, silver and Bitcoin are “money”, everything else is “things”, it’s an abstraction, a paper, or whatever. And the derivatives are coming unglued, and when that happens over the course of March and April, over two months, the underpinning of the financial empire that is the US Dollar is going to come down the way it took four months for the political empire that was the Soviet Union to come down.

It will be quite shocking, very fast, extremely rapid

When the dollar goes, it will be quite shocking, very fast, extremely rapid, and it instantly removes power from people whom we think of as being very powerful… Their power will evaporate. The same will be true of the enforcement arm of the wonky bastards that are running things here, what they call the law enforcement or “police”. Our data sets are pointing to a very chaotic four-year period of time in which we reconstitute ourselves as people living in North America.

Will we reconstitute ourselves as a union of states? I hope so, but there is no guarantee in our data that it will come out that way. The federal days, the federalist period, the control by the small handful of the Elite globally, is over. It’s just a matter of living through these next four years, and, you know, waiting for the horrors… and working our way through the struggles, and then we’ll come into something much better on the other side. Now, the struggles are going to go on for decades, depending on where you are and how bad it gets and so on, but the next four years are going to be really though for people here in North America.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 5.24.48 PM

“After March and April, and then what?”, John B. asks Clif High.

After March and April, then we get into this thing where the Government responds, and that’s going to be the really ugly period of time, because March and April will be the events that will be happening, and then June onward the Government is going to respond, and they’re going to… the top-down central control people are going to try and retrieve what level of control they think they have – they’ve lost it, it’s gone. They’re just unwilling to admit it at the moment and act as a rational being.

Hyperinflation will be the waking-up factor


Due to hyperinflation, Venezuela recently ordered 3-dozen planeloads of bank notes.

So what they’re going to do is, they’re going to print digital money. They’re going to hyper-inflate beyond our ability to understand that concept, and finally all the hyperinflation is going to reach down right into the point where it really hits the sheeple, the sleeping populace; when they wake up and the have to pay 35 $ US for their Starbucks’, even though the price of oil is down, they may end up having to pay very large dollars for energy, depending on where they’re at. And it’s going to bust open the illusion that the society is functioning.

So that illusion will go, the political process is going to fracture; we may well end up with demagogues and fascists in power – if we have an election. It’s uncertain; the data sets are not indicating that it’s a done deal that it will come across, because of the hyperinflation that’s going to get really bad… I don’t know that the election is going to be held, as we understand it.

If the collapse is as rapid as the data sets would tend to argue, then by the time we reach October or so, the Federal government will have laid off vast quantities of people, simply because they cannot pay them in any meaningful way. What good does it do you to show up for your job working for a federal agency in a job that you don’t really like much anyway, and get paid money that won’t even buy a single slice of bread.

These people will not succeed…

The good news is this – my data sets actually say these people will not succeed, that they are so desperate and so… over the top, out and about with their weirdness these days, because they are so desperate, because they know they are so close to loosing, that the combined efforts of the Universe have pushed these people into a situation where their tools are failing them, they’re about ready to crash, they’re flailing around, they don’t know what to do, and they’re lashing out in many ways, trying to retain what they can as they go down.

Anybody who believes that they are their physical body, that they exist only within their body, that there is nothing beyond that, is easily controlled…

the-economist-get_ready_for_world_currency_by_2018Many of them are aware that they’re going down; many of them have not quite yet grasped that situation. Basically, what’s going to happen is that the dollar and the edifice of power that they’ve used to control us all will crash faster than they had anticipated. They think it’s going to go down in 2017, so they can roll out the global Phoenix gold-backed currency in 2018.

They don’t have that long. It’s going down in March and April. It’s going to be so shocking and so swift that the population of the USA is going to reel around like drunks, those that aren’t paying attention and they’re just going to wonder, “what happened?” How could this go so fast? They’re going to be like a bunch of Greek farmers before they got their mojo back and started taking sticks to the government. They’re going to be wandering around just in a daze in the field, and then they’re all going to connect, and it’s going to be like what was known as “the dog walking hour” when the Soviet Union collapsed.■

CTM-Logo-midClif High was interviewed February 16, 2016, on Episode 473 of Caravan to Midnight, John B. Wells’ subscription-only talk radio channel (only $5 US a month). Some episodes are published for free on John B. Wells’ YouTube channel. I do encourage you to subscribe to listen to the rest of this interview and many more in the CTM archives.

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