Intriguing slip from Paul Hellyer: “The G8 group of companies…”

Paul-Hellyer2I have run across an intriguing slip from Paul Hellyer as I was listening to an excerpt from his testimony at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, where he fumbled when mentioning “the G8 group of compani… hum, countries…”

This is a curious slip coming from a former Canadian cabinet minister, considering the numerous allegations circulating on the Internet to the effect that the United States are not a country anymore, but rather a corporation, and that this may have been the case since the 1870s, according to some sources.

I contacted Mr Hellyer, asking him if he would care to comment, and he simply replied that this was “fascinating… Something to think about when I write my memories.” He also asked me if I thought there could have been some hidden meaning behind this, cryptically adding that “it happens all the time with politicians. No one cares as long as state secrets are not involved.” A curious comment from a former high ranking cabinet minister who has emphatically declared that “UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.” Is he implying that this, and the fact that the United States (and other countries) are indeed a corporation, are not state secrets? Go figure.

You can listen to his slip at about 2:20 in the following video of his testimony.

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack

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