Gentle reminder: Fear is the curse of the world

BosoAs our “Benevolent” Occult Satanist Overlords (BOSOs) are frenetically trying to implement their dark designs for the World, I was once again gently reminded in my daily reflection that fear is their ultimate control mechanism. However, love and faith conquer all fear. As Greg Hunter keeps repeating, “Fear not, but prepare yourself mentally, physically, and ABOVE ALL spiritually – Fear not, God is in charge.”

God bless.

Henri ThibodeauRiderInBlack


24 Hours a DayFear is the curse of the world. Many are our fears. Fear is everywhere. I must fight fear as I would a plague. I must turn it out of my life. There is no room for fear in the heart in which God dwells. Fear cannot exist where true love is or where faith abides. So I must have no fear. Fear is evil, but “perfect love casteth out all fear.” Fear destroys hope and hope is necessary for all of humanity.

I pray that I may have no fear. I pray that I may cast all fear out of my life.

— Twenty-Four Hours a Day | March 5 | © Hazelden Foundation

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