Here’s a treat for you: John B. Wells delivers an inspiring personal testimony on The Common Sense Show

John B Wells

John B. Wells is a former host of Coast to Coast AM.

It is a rare feast to listen to John B. Wells, host of The Caravan to Midnight, talk from the interviewee side of the microphone. John B. gave an amazingly inspiring personal testimony when he was recently interviewed by Dave Hodges on The Common Sense Show about the current state of affairs on our planet.

“This was a most unusual interview because Wells offered solutions to our earthly problems,” Dave Hodges commented. “He very much believes that there are spiritual solutions to physical problems.”

This is a truly awesome interview with “one of America’s most dynamic media personalities,” as Dave Hodges writes, and, I would add, a very spiritual man who shines a beacon of light through his presence in the alternative media.

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  • Click here to listen to hour one of John B. Wells’ interview with Dave Hodges.
  • Click here to listen to hour two – if you are short on time, start with this one.

CTM-Logo-midHosted by John B. Wells, Caravan to Midnight is a subscription-only talk radio channel (only $5 US a month). Some episodes are published for free on John B. Wells’ YouTube channel, where you can peruse his offerings before deciding if you want to became a “Caravaner”. My guess is you will once you have a listen.

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