UWEX 16 to begin Monday, March 21


UWEX 16, short for Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016, is apparently set to begin next Monday, March 21, in Texas and possibly other locations across the United States.


Dave Hodges from the Common Sense Show has been publishing dire warning regarding UWEX 16 for several weeks now. On February 8, in an article entitled Jade Helm 16 (UWEX) Is Now Rehearsing for Civil War, he wrote that the new exercise would be even more covert than its predecessor. He went even further, writing :

The name, Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016, is ominous on its face. What exactly is unconventional warfare? It is an euphemism for guerrilla war. Under the present set of circumstances, where would a guerrilla war emanate from? It would come from guerrilla activities resulting from the nation being in a civil war. Therefore, it is clear that UWEX, or Jade Helm 16, is about the Establishment eliminating a civilian contribution to a guerrilla war effort. In other words, people in a position of power are telling the American people, through their actions, that they anticipate a civil war taking place in this country.

And today, Dave warns his readers not to be distracted by the US primaries, which he believes serve as a distraction for the situation regarding UWEX 16 and its possible implications.

In this video published last November by Next New Network, Gary Franchi asked “What did we learn from Jade Helm 15? More importantly, what did the government learn?” Apparently, not enough he says.

And in this video posted March 16, Dahboo7 notes that UWEX 16 is scheduled to take place in at least three Texas counties and possibly at other location across the US, from March to June 2016. Furthermore, it will bring in civilian and maybe veteran role players acting as journalists, government officials and “guerrilla chiefs”.

Click here to read Oak Grove Technologies hiring page for “Government Role Player & Script Writer” in support of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). “Role players will carry out dynamic Advanced Unconventional Warfare exercises in various locations in support of Special Forces Training,” the job description says. Or click on this link Currently Hiring | Oak Grove Technologies to view the job posting as a PDF.

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