Reminder for uncertain times: I fail by not preparing now…

As I ponder what I can and should do in these perilous times that indeed look like the “End Times” prophetized in the Bible, the words “Occupy till I come” often come to mind.

This passage I read this morning in my daily meditation echoes this reflection.

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24 Hours a DayI fail not so much when tragedy happens as I did before the happening, by all the little things I might have done, but did not do.

I must prepare for the future by doing the right thing at the right time now.

If a thing should be done, I should deal with that thing today and get it righted with God before I allow myself to undertake any new duty.

I should look upon myself as performing God’s errands and then coming back to Him to tell Him in quiet communion that the message has been delivered or the task done.

— Twenty-Four Hours a Day | May 23 | © Hazelden Foundation

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