Chemtrails, Earth changes, and the Planet X/Nibiru deception: here’s some food for thought!

In a recent interview, published April 28 on the Leak Project YouTube channel, Clif High (click here for more about him in earlier post) issued some mind-boggling statements regarding Planet X/Nibiru, the origin and content of so-called “chemtrails”, Earth changes, and the general state of not only our planet, but the Solar system as a whole. I encourage you to listen to the full interview, embedded below, it is mind-blowing.

The Planet X/Nibiru deception

planeta_rojoRegarding Planet X/Nibiru, High contends that it is a complete fabrication on the part of Zecharia Sitchin, who he claims was a high level Freemason. This echoes revelations recently made by Corey Goode, who claimed in an interview published last February on that Sitchin’s translations of ancient Sumerian clay tablets contain information contrived under the influence of the Illuminati. High believes this is part of a deception on the part of the powers that be to distract us from the real issues our world is facing. But then again, as mentioned in a previous post, let’s not forget that Sitchin is not the only one to have theorized about a rogue planetary body traveling our solar system.

On the origin of chemtrails

High contends that chemtrails are made of coal residues called fly ash, which contains various constituents such as arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, lead, mercury and several others that have been detected following chemtrail content analysis. Discussing effects of chemtrails he has personally witnessed and experienced, High gives an intriguing account of how this fly ash ended up in our skies, and the various agendas that may be involved.

Is Earth expanding?

Planet-Earth-in-Outer-Spa-008Now, this was a new one for me: while rumors abound on the Internet claiming that the Earth changes we are experiencing – sink holes, increasing earthquake and volcanic activity, nuclear power plants leakage etc. – are due to the approach of a large planetary body (i.e. Planet X/Nibiru), High claims the the Earth itself is actually expanding, as it has done in the past. He also says that the Sun and the solar system are going through a denser area of space, which has triggered not only the phenomena we are experiencing here on Earth, but are manifest throughout the solar system. High also has an intriguing theory about the actual feasibility of interstellar travel… Food for thought indeed.

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