Planet X and the takeover of Science by the CIA

John B. Wells & McCanneyIn a recent interview (August 9, 2016) with John B. Wells on Caravan to Midnight, Professor James McCanney covered a range of topics going from the Fukushima disaster to the climate change deception, the takeover of Science by the CIA back in the early 1990s, and the ongoing disinformation campaigns surrounding the so-called “Planet X” phenomena. I have transcribed the following excerpts that pertain specifically to these last two subjects, but much more was discussed. I’m not sure these excerpts can be considered information as such, since much of what Pr. McCanney states would need to be verified, but they’re certainly compelling food for thought.

Strange coincidence or synchronicity? I only recently became aware of Pr. McCanney and his work when I translated a video about Planet X containing excerpts from one of his presentations…

Pour mes lecteurs francophones : une traduction suivra sous peu.

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The CIA control of science

In brief, due to a strange mix of celestial phenomena not the least of which was the secret discovery of an object called Planet X in 1991 by the US Naval Observatory, the CIA took over the world of science, including NASA. Science was split into layers with an enormous disinformation program moved out for public consumption. I witnessed this personally, but did not fully understand what I was witnessing until recent years when I started to put together the pieces of the puzzle.

The real split is when the public became the enemy, back in 1991. This is when the NSA came into being full fledged, when the public in mass came under scrutiny. The reason, it all comes back to an event that started in the mid 1980s – it was a NASA program that was born in the Naval Observatory – which literally to today is still a high level military operation which has its secret side and its public side.

NASA and the search for Planet X

Robert Harrington

Robert Harrington

A guy named Robert Harrington discovered that the NASA program was called “The Search For Planet X”. In 1991, Harrington did the final work. He was the head of the Naval Observatory at the time, under the impetus of a guy named Tom Van Flandem, who was one of the underling astronomers in the Naval Observatory. They were looking for an object deep down in the solar system, way down below Uranus and Neptune, which are the two outer big planets. These things were being pulled down of their orbits, and this had been an astronomical problem for a while.

In May of 1991, Harrington did the final work. After years of taking pictures, they had realized that something was down in that region. And only about a year and a half ago did I realize that what he had discovered was the nucleus of the comet Hale-Bopp. Now I understand what was going on. When I took the orbit of Hale-Bopp going backwards in time I realized that that’s exactly where it was in 1991 when Harrington was looking at that area. There are many Planet X objects, not just one, but this is the one [Hale-Bopp] that had been pulling down on Uranus and Neptune.

When the public became Enemy No 1…

In 1991, when they had information about this rogue planet coming in, that’s when the split in Science occurred, and that’s where the NSA came from, that’s where the monitoring of the public came from, that’s when the public turned into Enemy No 1, because they wanted to control the public – a lot of things happened as a result of that period of 1991  – and that leads up to today, with all the disinformation. The news media is [now] totally corrupt, totally owned and operated, and the people working there… it just amazes me!

James McCanney 2

“The CIA is the police force of the World Bank, and the FBI is one of the branches,” McCanney bluntly states.

The CIA came in and took over NASA, they took over science, they had this disinformation program which started then – remember Nancy Lieder, crazy lady talks to aliens, Planet X is coming May 15 2003, we’re all gonna die… She kept talking about this big orange ball that would come up over the horizon. She had a huge amount of publicity, because she was talking to those aliens, and it turns out that it was one of these very rare orange moons. That was a very rare occasion, but it was on that date, May 15, 2003.

Who would have known that, other than professional astronomers that put together that whole program with the CIA back, really, in the mid to late 1990s? The whole idea was to build this program regarding Planet X for the public to make it the craziest topic you would ever want to hear about, and spread it all over the front page of the newspaper – crazy people, aliens, Planet X, we’re all gonna die – and then when it doesn’t happen, everybody goes “Ah! That’s just those crazy Planet X people again…”

This is all a planned CIA disinformation op, and it’s still going on today. These people that pop up, and they’re Planet X experts, they read a book… Typically, what happens is the CIA picks up on them right away. Comes in, helps them publish their books, gets them on radio shows, gives them notoriety, and they all repeat the same thing: 3600 year orbit, it’s coming back, it’s gonna be here soon, the Ancients, the Annunaki, whatever they talk about. Mainly it’s the same laundry list of topics.

Celestial disasters occulted from our history

The Earth has a very different history from what we are being told, and it all comes back to these major celestial disasters that have happened many times in Earth’s history.

The people in power, and this is what I have figured out… you go way up to the top, to the Vatican, to the Rothschild banking empire, the control of fictitious money – they can control all other issues by misinformation, by the CIA, think tanks providing direction for misinformation campaigns to distract the public… But the one thing they can’t control is something from “out there” [McCanney points to the sky], and they know that.

Raging CometWhen you see Planet X, it’s not gonna be this big orange ball up in the sky, it’s gonna be a raging comet, and this is what has happened throughout history… This is among the top things they want to keep from the public. If people understood [what is looming out there, they might withdraw from the system].

What the “Elite” really fear…

The biggest thing is that it’s totally out of control of the so-called “World leaders”. If people in mass woke up to this… They’re very, very paranoid, they’re very afraid that groups will start forming and splitting away from society – they’re afraid of even 15 people doing that.

The economic demise of the United States was relatively easy [for them], it was like taking candy from a baby, but they have a little problem: the biggest standing army in the world is the American public. They’re not having a very easy time taking the guns away from them… This is where we are today, I believe. People are now waking up to the fact of who they are and what their methods are. And back in the Science world, the thing that they’re the most afraid of is the people waking up to the real issue of outer space, and what can happen to us.

We always think of Planet X and total destruction or something like that, but I think the majority of these events are actually pretty mild. These cometary objects are not dirty snow balls as Science would have us believe, it’s a plasma electrical ‘entity’ that’s discharging the solar capacitor – which is a whole different topic. At a distance, these objects can do quite a bit of damage, but Earth and the human race have lived through these quite a few times, if you read the history books, if you go back into the real Old Testament, not the one we see today, for example the Kolbrin, which I introduced to the American public back in the early 2000s.

If you look at these [writings], the human race has lived through quite a few of these [events], but it’s basically like resetting the big red reset button. Who comes out of it? Basically, people who are living at a very basic level. The infrastructure is totally destroyed. So, what the banking community is really worried about is, I think, something that’s a more minor event in which they come out and they want to come out on top again as the controllers. But they realize that they’re dealing with another issue, and that’s the mental issue of the public simply waking up to this one day : there is not Planet X coming in to come by and destroy us – but it’s just a mental issue, that the public wakes up and all of a sudden realize “Eh! I’m not doing this anymore! I’m not paying my mortgage anymore”, and just steps off the merry-go-round. That’s what they’re afraid of. ■

About James McCanney
James McCanney 1Professor James M. McCanney has worked about half of his lengthy career in the telecommunications industry as a Systems Engineer. Much of this was accomplished in multi-lingual settings, having worked in the USA, Latin America and with high-level Russian scientists. He has presented his research at international conferences and is a regular presenter at American Geophysical Union meetings. He has also lectured at Los Alamos National Laboratories, the Air-Space/America International Air show and International Electric Propulsion conferences. Prof. McCanney has also written a number of books and published several videos on such topics as Planet X, comets, Earth changes, Atlantis and more. Website: Source: Caravan to Midnight Guest Media page.

“McCanney does not exist” – Quote from Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, I do not exist… good humor for the uneducated masses. Even though a page once existed with outrageous negative trash and lies, the end effect was sending thousands of people to my web page where they became faithful listeners and students of my work. So now they have removed that page and state simply that I do not exist… – Jim McCanney







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