US handing over control of the Internet to ICANN – Really?

privacy-watchdog-20130213I don’t really know what to make of this news which is generating some hype on the Web – I guess we’ll find out what the real implications are after October 1st.

In the meantime, here are some headlines I have collected that go from sober to outright paranoid…

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US government cedes control of the Internet in October

ICANN is set to take over the web’s domain name system.

Andrew Dalton | engadget | August 18, 2016


Andrew Cowie/AFP/GettyImages

On October 1st, the US Government’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration will hand over control of the Internet’s domain name system to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a “multi-stakeholder” nonprofit organization. While the change will be invisible to the billions of internet users out there, starting in October, the US government will no longer control what some call the Internet’s “phone book.”

The domain name system works by associating a web address or URL with a site’s IP address, and it is crucial to the way the modern web works. Since 1998, the NTIA and ICANN have had a zero-cost contract in place that gives the US government the authority over the system, although the government’s role was largely symbolic. Technically, the Obama administration has agreed not to renew the contract, which expires on September 30th. ICANN, a California-based group made up of representatives from tech giants, foreign governments and other “interested parties,” actually began the process of finally taking over the reins when it detailed its transition plan last year.

Again, regular users won’t notice a difference in their internet come October, but the switch isn’t without controversy. In the past, some have argued the US should maintain control in order to prevent foreign governments from censoring their citizens. More recently, however, the Obama administration and the tech community believe it is a necessary move to maintain international support for the internet and a decentralized governing body.

US ready to ‘hand over’ the Internet’s naming system

Dave Lee | BBC News | August 18, 2016

World Wide WebThe US has confirmed it is finally ready to cede power of the Internet’s naming system, ending the almost 20-year process to hand over a crucial part of the Internet’s governance.

The Domain Naming System, DNS, is one of the Internet’s most important components. It pairs the easy-to-remember web addresses – like – with their relevant servers. Without DNS, you’d only be able to access websites by typing in its IP address, a series of numbers such as “”.

More by circumstance than intention, the US has always had ultimate say over how the DNS is controlled – but not for much longer. It will give up its power fully to ICANN – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – a non-profit organization.

Continue Reading on BBC News

Losing the Internet one month before election

Judi McLeod | Canada Free Press | August 30, 2016

Obama World WebWe should take seriously all the bombs Barack Hussein Obama plans to toss in our path on his way out of the door. Most know that his coming departure is only a temporary one, given that Hillary Clinton is poised to be Obama’s third term in office.

Next big bombshell coming down the pike at America:  At midnight September 30, Obama will cut off the access of millions to the Internet by abdicating Internet stewardship over to the control of the United Nations.

In other words, Obama will turn the Internet over to the only world body that is more corrupt than Obama and the Clinton Foundation, and the one with octopus arms already choking the life out of Western society.

Continue reading on Canada Free Press

ICANN means you can’t

Dave Hodges | The Common Sense Show | August 18, 2016

Dave Hodges

This is “an unconstitutional action on the part of Obama”, Dave Hodges flatly states.

On October 1st, Obama, through the Commerce Department, is handing over control of the Internet to ICANN. For anyone who enjoys getting their news from sources like, this is a very disturbing development.

Some are highly critical of this move, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) who has  argued that ICANN could be used by dictatorships to shut down the Web around the globe, either in whole or in part.

Can there be any doubt that at some future date, the unbiased media services brought to be the likes of Steve Quayle, Doug and Joe Hagmann, and Alex Jones will be censored into oblivion? This is why Facebook is not censoring as they once were. Very soon, they won’t need to, because ICANN will be doing it for them.

Excerpt from an article titled “Will Martial Law Be Implemented on October 1st?”


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