Slaughter of 45,000 wild horses: Is the BLM backtracking?


The news that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had accepted an independent advisory board’s proposal to slaughter some 45,000 wild horses that are under its custody has inflamed the social media to the point where the BLM has now apparently backtracked, while the lamestream media claim that the BLM never had the intention to proceed with the proposal in the first place…

For instance, writes this morning (September 16, 2016) in the Washington Post that “The government is not going to kill 45,000 wild horses — not yet, anyway“. “The feds do not plan to kill the majestic symbols of the American West — not anytime soon, anyway,” Brulliard insists, quoting a statement apparently issued on  Wednesday by the BLM where the agency claims to be “committed to having healthy horses on healthy range lands” and would “continue to care for and seek good homes for animals that have been removed from the range. The BLM does not and will not euthanize healthy animals.”


Screenshot of BLM Statement taken September 16, 2016, and dated September 12

Meanwhile, independent organizations are expressing doubts as to the BLM’s real intentions. Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs, states that “the news circulating in the press is designed to put out the fire of public outcry. As long as the Bureau of Land Management has the legal right due to the Burns Amendment to give wild horses 3-Strikes, KILL alleged “unadoptable” wild horses and those over 10 years old then nothing has changed.”

Novak also states that “We have seen the Bureau of Land Management slither back after public outcry before and that is all this is. Their statement says nothing about not killing or stopping unlimited sales to slaughterhouse middlemen. Legally it is still an option to them. Therefore it is more important than ever to keep the #NoKill pressure on and to push for wild horses and burros to be returned to freedom. There is no evidence of overpopulation, period. Independent head counts of all the wild horses in holding and in the wild are urgent now to uncover the truth. How many are really left?”

Protect Mustangs has launched a petition on that has garnered over 92,000 signatures as of this writing. Click here for an update and to sign this petition.

Another petition, American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, has garnered close to 185,000 signatures as of this afternoon. They have published an update under the title “BLM’s Actions Belie Claims that Agency Won’t Kill Wild Horses“.

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Update, September 17, 2016

I have stumbled upon an intriguing post from Anne Novak on Facebook, where she questions the nature of the Humane Society of the United States relationship with the BLM – more food for thought I guess. – HT


Update, September 18, 2016




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