Presidential debate: The Deplorables exposed

Last night’s first presidential debate was an excellent opportunity to watch both candidates expose themselves for who they really are, in spite of their best efforts to mask their true nature.

hillary_witch4Let’s first give credit where it is due: by her presence on stage, Hitlary the Evil Witch should have managed to put to rest the theories that had been circulating on the Internet regarding her alleged death when she collapsed last September 11. It’s hard to imagine the Trump talking to a hologram or a body double he would have mistaken for the real “thing” (I find this word quite fitting in this particular instance). Now, was she wearing an ear piece or not, I cannot say. What struck me most about the Witch’s performance, aside from the empty statements and generalities we have come to expect during such staged events, was that eerie smile she managed to hold for the first half hour or so of the debate, fixed like a grimace no matter what platitudes she was uttering and whatever the Trump launched at her. Then the grimace faded – maybe her meds had started to wear off, who knows?

Trump cardAs for the Trump, what struck me most – aside from his toupee – were first his repeated admission that he had taken full advantage of any legal loopholes or omissions he could, whenever he could, to get ahead in business. No hint of moral or ethical considerations here – if the law does not forbid it, let’s do it and screw the bastard, is basically what he said. The other thing that struck me were his several stuttering attempts at rebuking the Witch as she was uttering her platitudes – were he more of a man, he would have just let her put her foot in her mouth, in my humble opinion.

election-circusSo, however the lame-stream media attempt to twist our opinion, what I take out from this first presidential debate is that those who have ears to hear and eyes to see had an excellent opportunity to assess both candidates for what they truly are: deplorable.

Bottom line is, I still stand by the conclusions I came to when I originally wrote this other article: The Destroyer, the Trump and the Evil Witch.

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Update, September 28, 2016

Below are a few pics that have come my way on Facebook since I published this article yesterday – I believe they further illustrate my point… – HT








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