Just in from Davide Icke – Must watch: “The Election Deception”

It might be a bit late for those who still don’t have a clue as to the real implications behind the current and almost over US Presidential Election, but David Icke just posted this today, November 6, on his YouTube channel. Best analysis I have heard over the last several months, really puts things into perspective. – HT

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Freelance writer and translator based in Quebec, Canada.
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1 Response to Just in from Davide Icke – Must watch: “The Election Deception”

  1. IRONKRAFT says:

    Icke, Richard D Hall, and Ian Crane, plus a few others, have for years exposed the crooked system, and found fame and much agreement via an angry public. However, none of these “spokesmen” offer real-world solutions. Trump could have stayed where he was, and the system hidden-hands completed their “Protocols” without hindrance.

    If Trump wins, he may genuinely try to oppose this system. But, he might not be allowed to, by the political partners Trump is forced to work with. Is that his fault? Will Icke, Hall, and Crane, plus American versions, construct a viable opposition? No, they will continue earning money, waffling on for years, as the odd brave person, at least puts their head above the parapet.


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